Monday, October 12, 2009

How I used some of my parent blogger swag

If anyone knows my kid, they know she LOVES stickers. She was absolutely beside herself when I told her that I had huge stickers, they were PINK and we could PUT THEM ON THE WALL! The kid couldn't have been happier if Spongebob himself had walked in with the whole crew from Bikini Bottom and offered to cook her a crabby patty.

This is the first bit of swag I've had a chance to use since I went on vacation (Dells, Kalahari, fantastic time, pictures maybe, if I get unlazy LOL) 3 days after the event, but I'm sure you will hear about more of it as I dig through my "big bag of cool stuff" :)


Mommy, Queen Of Everything said...

My son LOVES the wall stickers. The ones I got were stars and I was afraid he might think they were too girly, but he freaked when he saw them. We put them up together and when we were finished he said that he was never moving out of his room, even when he's big.

Anonymous said...

So glad you put the flair4all flair up - if you want to share it with our Facebook fans please upload it to

And Mommy, Queen of Everything - you make us laugh, what a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it!