Thursday, July 31, 2008

Open letter to people in town

First of all to service providers in town, just because many or even most of your customers are stupid bordering on braindead doesn't mean that we all are. No need to treat me like and idiot when I ask a legit question.

To the dad at McDonald's, don't take your kid to McDonald's, feed them a salad and eat in the play place then refuse to get them a toy when EVERY OTHER KID in the place has "Spy Gear" toys. That is just mean. If you are insistant that you won't get your 6 year old more plastic junk, then don't let them eat in the playplace with all the other kids. Get your salad to go and go to a park to eat it.

To the lady at the park. If your dogs are "mean and might bite or scratch", for the love of God, do not bring them literally through the playground where there are obviously several kids playing. Walk around, use the sidewalk, etc. Don't put that temptation out there.

To Google. Neither of my blogs are, or have ever been, spam. Your filter sucks since it has flagged both this blog and my scrapbook blog as spam at various times. I don't do spam and I don't know what I'm posting that is triggering the lock downs. Clue me in and I'll quit posting it. It is as much a pain for me to be locked down as it is for you to have to continually review my blogs to find they really aren't spam!

Finally, to my neighbor. If your ill tempered dog EVER comes onto my property again, scaring my child and growling at me, I will drop kick it across the street. I realize that you don't particularly watch your children and your dog is watched only marginally better (at least you come outside with your dog instead of turning it loose to roam the neighborhood for hours at a time) but at least your children don't growl and potentially bite.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Retro TV

Dude, I'm watching Doogie Howser and it is so awesome. I love NPH now in How I Met Your Mother and he was super in Dr Horrible (did anyone hear that there is more DH coming? Not sure how creditable the article I read was) but little baby NPH is so adorable :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More odds and ends

I like the list posts. I have 1000 things bouncing around in my head to blog about but none of them ever get fleshed out into real posts. So you all get pictures and lists :)

Ms Thang's face is better. Thanks all for the concern. It is scabbed over but not looking so raw and painful. She did ask to wear her sunglasses to the park so no one would see it.

We had a playdate at the park. I left feeling kind of icky. It made me sad.

At the park, we ran into J and his mom. I chatted with her for a bit while the boys played. They did a great job not being brats!

After the park we went to Mejier to buy The Boy a new pair of sandles because his broke. I wasn't going to do it since it is the end of summer and he could just make do with his flip flops and crocs, but since we are going on vacation next week, I decided to go ahead. Neither of his other shoes are good for walking or for moving rides. He needed something that would stay on his feet.

I like the new Kid Rock Song "All Summer Long"

I also think it is a little bit awesome that he Boycotts iTunes. Not that anything is wrong with iTunes but he has a valid point about record companies.

My fruit leather has partially failed. The strawberry, 24 hours later, was still almost totally liquid and there were little fuzzy blossoms on it tonight :( the cherry and blueberry look like they are almost done and nothing fuzzy on them. Not something I will likely try again.

I feel a little bit bad that I bailed on my conversation with Rogers last night, telling her I was going to bed because I was tired. I always read while I floss before bed and I got sucked in, hard core last night. Instead of going to bed because I was exhausted, I stayed up reading until after 1, so that I could finish the book. Sorry Rogers :(

My house is really dirty. We have no plans tomorrow so we are going to stay home and clean it up.

Ms Thang doesn't want to go to preschool. She says "they will oppress me at that school, if you make me go, I will be oppressed" I'm fairly certain she means "depress", however it is really funny to think about "the man" keeping her down while at school LOL. Anything school related stresses her out right now.

We have taken The Boy to get hit with a Jesus stick (for you Lost fans out there, that is a reference to Charlie's conversation with Mr. Echo about his "Jesus stick" having blood on it in season 2). We go to the First Christian Church on a fairly regular basis to play at their FANTASTIC indoor playground. For months, they have had signs up, promoting vacation bible school. They all show science-y stuff and TB was enthralled. He begged to be allowed to go so I signed them both up for it. It started Sunday, which is a dumb day to start VBS, but whatever. We missed day one because of the afformentioned dumb day but I went ahead to take them last night. After her day (no nap, busted face, etc), when she begged me not to make her go, I decided not to push it. Turned out to be a good thing since when I stopped in her room to tell her teachers that she wouldn't be coming after all, I saw a little boy that we know in there that she has a "personality conflict" with (which is a nice way of saying he is a bully and she doesn't let him get away with any crap and he whines and cries about it). TB loves VBS and asks every day if he will be allowed to go back the next day. He is gonna be upset when he finds out it is only a week long.

We got caught in the crazy ass downpour that hit town while we were picking TB up from VBS. It was raining so hard I could barely see. It looked like they were evacuating the classes when we got there. I ran back out to get the van to pull up under the over hang to get everyone loaded. The water, although it didn't look that deep, was to the middle of my calf. Too bad I wore my leather sandles out there :(

Personally, I'm opposed to being hit with a Jesus stick but I found that out for myself and my kids deserve the same chance. He can decide if he wants to do something more with it as he gets older. I will absolutely take hm to church, should he choose that route.

Speaking of school, Tb has such different interests from me, it just boggles my mind. I'm all about books and reading and English (which could explain why a large portion of my friends are English majors) and he is so into science and little math. He is forever asking what numbers added together are and has started talking about subtraction. Heaven help me when he gets much older. I could barely pass basic algebra and had to take remeidial math in college (which I never did pass, preschool teachers really only have to be able to count to 10 so it isn't that big of a deal LOL). There is no way I'll be able to help him at all once he is past the ad subtract multiply and divide stage.

The Boy has decided to start doing chores again. For the last half of the school year, he had chores that he got paid a dollar a day to do. We had a good routine but once school got out, it all went to hell! He didn't do any the entire month of June and now most of July. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he promised Ms Thang he would buy her a Barbie doll. When pressed on the subject, he said that he wanted to buy her one because she deserved it for being good. News to me, but ok. I told him he needed to get back on doing his chores so he could earn some money to fulfill his promise. He started by putting away all his laundry yesterday. Today was crazy busy (park, Meijer, McDonalds, rest, pool, VBS, dinner, bed) so he didn't have time to vacuum, but I'm going to make him earn it tomorrow! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

You should see the other guy or not since it was the pool deck

Nap stories

Instead of going to sleep Ms Thang lays in her bed and talks to herself. She tells herself all manner of crazy stories. Yesterday, she had to find "Riley the bark-y dog because he was missing and she couldn't hear him barking" LOL

Today, everybody must be racing or something. She is laying there chanting "go Riley, go Riley, go X-man, go X-man, go papaquigs, go papaquigs" LOL Then she was talking about how everyone was going down the slide and they needed to go faster.

Feeling fruity

After discussions about various fruit leather, I decided to make my own. Fruit roll ups are gross and everything else is too expensive.

I started last night by cleaning my strawberries (strawberry fans, Aldi's on Mattis has them for 1.49 a box and they are super tasty, some of the best I've had all season) and blueberries. Then this morning, I got up and cleaned the cherries. That was tedious beyond belief and likely something I won't do again.

Then I whipped out the blender and set about pureeing my fruit. I knew the strawberries would be fine but I was worried about the skins on the cherries. The cherries did fine, suprisingly. The blueberries were what I ended up having problems with. When I first started them, the skin didn't blend at all. I scraped the sides and set it to blend again, walking away and letting it run for a minute. I came back to almost blueberry jelly. It was thick and gelatinous and kind of gross looking. It probably could have benefitted from a little OJ but I went ahead and used it as is.

I lined all my trays with foil (although in reading, other places said either parchment paper or platic wrap so hopefully it works out) and poured all my puree. Now, I wait between 5 hours (online recipe) and a day and a half (dehydrator instruction guide) to see if my attempt at fruit leather is eatable :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The day

It started with me running to the store to get some turkey bacon since my mom was making breakfast, but I don't eat regular bacon. After breakfast, RF helped my dad haul out their busted dryer then I went and did some gift shopping. We got home about 11 and went grocery shopping at Aldi's. Brought that home and put it all away, using the fab t-shirt bags that Missy made me.

By then it was time to "rest", although rest time amounted to us laying there for an hour. I alternated watching stuff on my computer while ignoring her and yelling at her to lay down and be quite. Neither work and we just wasted an hour. We got up and RF and I went to County Market while the kids stayed with my mom. We spent outrageous amounts of money at the various stores and it made me sad.

Home and put away the groceries, again. Then I cooked dinner while my mom played with the kids in the yard. After dinner (grilled chicken with salad and tater tots), we went to Target to do yet more gift shopping. I had planned to buy school supplies (so don't even get me started on school supplies, I ranted about it last year at this time and I feel the same way this time around)today, but I couldn't get online to print the list so by the time I found one at Target, I didn't want to shop for them anymore.

Now we are home and watching TV. The Boy wants me to help him get through a level on Lego Indy, so we may work on that and then ice cream and bed :)

Nothing exciting here and I'm really ok with that. Yesterday was a long day and it was nice to have a day where we didn't do much :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cruisin' for kids with cancer

We did our ride for Cruisin' for kids with cancer today. This is our 4th year in a row doing this ride, as a family. RF, his mom and dad, my dad, The Boy and several people that RF (and my dad) works with showed up to ride. For a while, it looked like the weather would get a little dicey but it turned out ok. Hot and humid but sunny and a good day to ride.

The ride ended up being notable for it's problems this year. We took off and rode through the loop at the hospital (usually they stop and patients from the peds oncology ward come down and see the bikes but they started in Urbana this year and didn't want to stop again 10 minutes after they started. Before all the bikes left there, a couple of bikes peeled off and stopped, although we didn't know what the issue was.

The ride took off out of Urbana, through St Joe towards Ogden. As we came out of STJ, over the bridge and around the turn headed for Ogden, we saw 6 or 8 bikes pulled to the side of the road. As well got closer, I noticed it was several from our group. RF, my dad, The Boy and my MIL were noticably absent from the group and it caused a moment of panic, until we found out that one of the guys had blown a tire and that MIL, RF, TB and Dad had been ahead of them so they went on into town.

We stopped at Ogden and the kids drew marbles for all the their riders and TB decided he was done riding. We found out that one of the guys with the guy with the tire had a patch kit and he was able to get his bike to Homer, where he lives. We took the kids and headed for Homer, where the ride was ending.

When we got there, we found out that the people that peeled off in Urbana had a fuel leak and never got out of town. I helped set up the hall and my mom took Ms Thang to my grandma's house in Homer. TB found some boys to run around with and generally was a pain.

The riders made it in about 3 and everyone ate. After they ate, they announced the winners of the poker run part of the ride (sadly not us), then moved on to the raffle portion. We won a couple of minor prizes (gc to Culvers, BOGO to Silvercreek) and then they announced they had 2 tickets to Holiday World, where we are going in 2 weeks.

Sadly, we didn't get them but I called TB over (I was manning the raffle table so I couldn't leave) and told him to go tell the young girl (probably around 10 ish) that he was going there in 2 weeks and would give her $20 for them. That was still a bargain for me since they cost $40 a piece to buy. He did and she said she had never heard of Holiday World and doubted she would ever go. Her parents confirmed that and they gave him the tickets. I handed him the money to take back to her, which he did. Then she turned around and walked back over to him and gave him back the money. She told him that she wasn't going to use them anyway so he could just have them! So score for us! I did get around to booking our hotel room finally, so we are completely set for our vacation. Woohoo!

My MIL won some tickets to Knight's Action Park in Springfield, which she gave to the kids. The guy who blew his tire ended up going home, getting his car and finishing the ride in the car. Then he came to the raffle and took home a butt load of prizes! They and the rest of their table won a ton of the prizes!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Odds and ends

Nothing major happening so a few lists.

For the cryptic mess recently, I thought Quigs was avoiding me for some unknown reason. When I asked about it, she told me to quite being stupid so I knew we were ok LOL

I think the "Sisterhood of the Traveling.."something (pants, diaper bag, porn star bra, etc) should go see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie when it comes out August 6th

We have decided on Holiday World for vacation. Now, we just have to decide whether we go to the park for 2 half days and stay one night or stay two nights and go to the park one whole day.

I'm reading a new Mary Janice Davidson book. If all the books I read, read as fast as her's and Janet Evanonvich's do, I could easily clear 100 books in a year. I can read one book in about 8 hours of reading. I would kick Missy's butt for books in a year LOL

I'm doing a terrible job keeping up my book list. I'm at least 3 or 4 books behind. I need to get that taken care of.

We went to the fair tonight. My mom had some free passes os we took the kids, rode some rides, ate some fair food (some of the best food there is) and saw the rodeo. The Boy went in the fun house, despite my warnings that it was so not fun. He ended up completely terrified and they had to shut it down and the girl had to go in and get him. Ms Thang didn't like the bulls because they were mean for trying to get the cowboys off them. They both liked all the junk they were allowed to eat and the trash sucking cow.

I'm going to Curtis Orchard tomorrow with S, from big kid play group. Then in the afternoon, Quigs and I are going berry picking at Pontious Farm because I'm out of blueberries again. Hopefully the picking will be better than it was last weekend because I need way more than 3/4 of a pound of berries to sustain the berry machine that lives at my house. Plus, I'm going to make the kids home made fruit roll ups and I would like to try blueberries in them

Saturday, I MUST go to the farmer's market. I've been trying to get some zebra tomatoes for a month and the only time I managed to get over there, they didn't have any. I need some freaking good tomatoes!

Saturday, we also have Cruisin for kids with Cancer, The last 3 years, I have volunteered to do things while others ride. This year, it sort of snuck up on me and I haven't emailed about volunteering. I will still go (TB rides with my dad on the ride) and take pictures and things. And if they need any additional people at the end, then I'll offer to help but I'm not going to commit this late in the game.

Finally, some pages I did from last years event

C4KC pages

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I am not being avoided. I was being paranoid but I'm feeling much better :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have a feeling I'm being avoided. That is all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Perfectly suited for me

I FINALLY found a freaking swimsuit! I went shopping with Looseyfur and Quigs in the next towns over. They have a Lane Bryant and I figured that while I was there, I could look for a suit. Loosey was nice enough to google sporting goods stores up there, so I would have somewhere to look. We started with lunch at Carlos O'Kelly's which has the most freaking awesome Fajita cheese crisps and I seek them out anytime I'm in a town with one.

Then we went to LB, where Loosey found a super cute shirt to go with her nice pants. Quigs found some really nice bras and I hope they serve her well. I have an LB bra and I don't like. It is way too much and feels like strapping on full body armour when I wear it. I looked at a few things but I have no need for more cloths so I didn't do any trying on.

Then we went hunting for the "Lifeguard Supply Store" that google said they had. After we found the cabinet store and the semi sales, we finally found the lifeguard store, only to find they were closed. :(

We ended up back at the other mall in town, where they had an MC Sports that I wanted to check out. I was kind of disappointed when it looked like they didn't have any of the suits I wanted to try out. Quigs, fortunately, found me some of the Speedo suits, which had 2 in my size. I tried them both on and found that the plain one (which was tagged a little more expensive, which is confusing to me) in solid blue fit a little bit better. I was willing to pay the $5 extra to get one that fit a little better. When I checked out, I found it was on sale and ended up being cheaper than the other one anyway! So I have a one piece swimsuit, designed for swimming, in a color that I like, that provides enough leg coverage! This is seriously a rare event in swimsut finding for me. And, now I know what size and style I need so I can just order them online from now on! :)

Then we went to Maurice's where Quigs found a couple of things, then home. Now RF has gone to play with Mactroll, PapaQuigs and TDad and I'm sitting here trying to decide how early I can convince these kids to go to bed because I'm worn out!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun Start to my kid free weekend

I got the kids all packed off for their weekend without me about 8. I had time to eat breakfast and get ready to leave before Makeup Girl and her kids picked me up to go blueberry picking. She was super sweet and brought me some iced coffee for our trip to the country! :)

Berry picking was a little slim. :( There were several bushes that, in a few days, will be perfect. They were overflowing with green berries but they just weren't ready yet. There were also several bushes that just had nothing on them at all, except bugs. We ended up being there about 45 minutes before the bugs and the heat got to us and we decided to leave. I came home, had lunch and took a quick nap.

Then this afternoon, Rogers and I went shopping for swimsuits. I found nada :( However Rogers for a cute bikini top and we had a good time chatting and getting to know each other (finally, I hear Looseyfur and Quigs talk about her all the time but we haven't had a chance to hang out much). We found that we have wildly different tastes in clothing, but that is ok. :)

Now I'm going to go grill some ribs and maybe make corn for dinner and then I'm going to watch Lost and then I'm going to go to bed so I can go shopping up north with Quigs and Loosey tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm going shopping tomorrow and I have no one to go with. :( All my close friends are out of town.

I even went through the playgroup member list looking for people that I wouldn't mind shopping with. I came across a couple but decided that it was super lame to just email someone out of the blue and beg them to go shopping with me so I wouldn't have to do it alone.

I'll probably wait until RF gets off work and make him go with him. Although, if anyone is up for swimsut shopping tomorrow after blueberries, I'm game :)

Oh Baby update update!

The baby is here. I have no information aside from that he is here.


EDITED: The baby was 3lbs 6oz and 16 inches long. He did not have to be in the NICU at all, not even oxygen. He does have a feeding tube, since he is too small and weak to eat on his own. His mom is in ICU for observation so they can restart her meds under close supervision.

She did it completely natural, no C/S, because she was doing so well the entire labor. She did have aa huge amount of drugs and felt almost no pain the entire time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh baby!

My cousin is having her baby today. She isn't due until August 31st but she is a double lung and heart transplant patient and her blood pressure has sky-rocketed. It was something like 190 over 105 when they admitted her yesterday.

8 years ago, when she had the transplant, she was told that she could never have children because of the strain on her body and the rejection drugs she would have to take put her at HIGH risk for birth defects. Over the past several years, she has reduced her meds to the bare minimum. To the point that she was taking them once a month or less. Then she got pregnant and went off of them completely and has been for the whole time that she has been pregnant. The doctors were cautiously optimistic but were watching her very carefully the entire time.

They told her all along that her body couldn't handle the stress of labor and that she would have a C/S. Well since she is 6 weeks premature, they went ahead and induced labor, to stimulate the baby for life outside. She has labored all day and the doctor told her that she would eventually have a C/S, but they want her to labor as long as she can so the baby gets as much stimulation as it can.

Today is also her birthday and when the doctor found that out, he told her that she would have the baby before midnight, one way or another. That way, she and the baby can share a birthday. Obviously, not the ideal since it is still 6 weeks early, but if it has to be, then it might as well be today instead of tomorrow.

My mom talked to her husband about 6:30 tonight and he said nothing was happening yet and I haven't heard anymore since then. If she hasn't by now, she should have the baby in the next hour. Honestly, I hope they didn't make her labor literally all day (my mom told me about it at 9:30 this morning and I think she had been laboring for awhile then) and then do a C/S in the middle of the night :( Hopefully, she already has the baby and everything is fine, instead of still being in labor and knowing that major surgery looms large in her future.

Swimsuits again

I've started seriously looking for a new suit. I'm tired of having to yank an dpull on my top all the time to keep decent. Just because I have decent sized boobx, doesn't mean I want them flopping out at the pool all the time.

I've decided that if I'm going to spent $70 or 80 bucks on something (and sadly, I will spend at least that because big girl suits are outrageous), then I'm going to get something that is designed for swimming not sitting in a chair while your kids swim. I've been looking at Speedo and found several that I would absolutely wear (including a 2 piece with the kind of top I desire). The problem I'm having is finding my size. There is no "shop by size" option (which every store should have). A bunch of the suits go up to a size 14 and the others start at 22. I fall between those 2 and the only ones I've seen in my size are the "fashion" suits that are the "sit around and watch people swim" suits. I tried looking on their site for retailers, but didn't see any. Gary and Al's (a long long time ago) used to carry them here in town but they don't exsist anymore so I'm out of luck there.

I emailed Speedo asking where I could try on suits before I buy them but I haven't heard back. Anyone know of any stores in town that sell Speedo suits for women?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Freaky vacation

We are planning an overnight trip to either Holiday World in Santa Claus In, where the kids and I went last summer or Six Flags St Louis , where we have all been several times. I priced it all out and Holiday World will cost $5 dollars more and is 50 miles farther away. Neither of those are significant enough numbers to factor in my choice.

So tell me, where should we go the first week of August?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Musical musings

Up front, my I key isn't working right so I apologize if it manages to get left out occasionally.

Anyone remember the rumors that Gavin Rossdale was gay? Then he married Gwen and sort of dropped out of the public eye, except as her husband and father of her babies.

Now he is back with a new song "Love Remains the Same" Does anyone else think it sounds like a break up song to Gwen?

Like Pink's "Who Knew"

wasn't a goodbye to Carey Hart?

Something else, raise your hand if you are completely over Colbie Caillat! Bubbly was cute when it first came out but then they played it to DEATH. Then Realize came out and it sounds like the same freaking song. Now they play them both 20 times a day and it is just way to much. They need to skip a couple of her songs and stick Duffy in there instead. I really like her song "Mercy" and wouldn't mind hearing it a little more often.

Speaking of "Mercy", the DJ on the radio sounded like quite the idiot today when he was talking about it. He said "the Welsh singer Duffy, with her retro, almost Amy Winehouse inspired song Mercy" Uh, no. Retro, yes. Similar to Amy Winehouse, a bit, but it really can't be both since Amy Winehouse is contemporary, not retro. I do realize that her sound was retro inspired but that is just being redundant.

The ultimate update

So far today, I have:
Swept and mopped the kitchen and the living room
Vaccummed the living room and the dining room
Put away laundry
Did 2 new loads of laundry that have to finish in the dryer so I can put them away
put away dishes
Ran a load of dishes that I'm waiting for it to get done so I can put it away and do at least one more
Cleaned strawberries and blueberries
Started dinner (BBQ chicken in the croc pot)
Fed the kids
Changed the channel a bunch of times
Helped TB figure out his way through his level of Lego Indy
Refereed about 1000 fights

Stil left to do:
Put away dishes
Put away the rest of the laundry
Wash the stuff too big to fit in the dish washer
Make tea
Make lunch
Clean watermelon
enforce "rest" time
go to the pool
Stop at least 1000 more fights.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tire-d of this mess

My van tire was flat on Saturday. I took it and they patched and we were all good. Sunday morning, I went to run to the grocery store, only to find that my tire was flat AGAIN! There was another spot of metal in it, just down from the original one. RF put the the spare on (which is fortunately full size), marked both spots and we did our stuff that day. This morning, we took it to the same place that we had patch it and they told me that the tire was bad and I'd have to replace it. Grr! They told me on Saturday that "the tire looks good and there is nothing else wrong with it. We checked your other tires and they all look good too"

I ended up calling a few tire places and got prices for tires. It was hard to compare since some give you prices for mounted and balanced, some quote you prices on pairs, some give you single tire just the tire, some have no idea what tire my van needs,despite me telling them the number on the freaking tire. Eventually, I got prices that were comparable and figured that was the best I was going to get.

RF took my paper to the place and explained to them what happened (I'm feeling inexplicably grumpy today and I don't think I would have been able to be calm about) and asked them to price match the cheapest place we found. They agreed to that and RF pointed out that we paid $20 to have the tire patched, just Saturday and that we felt that should be applied to the cost of the new tires (because if they had told us on Saturday that the sides were weak and probably needed replaced, we wouldn't have paid to patch it) The guy agreed and took the money off the price match that he gave us.

So my van is sitting at Kirby Firestone on Mattis, waiting for the tires to come over from another store so they can be put on. Poor Rf though. When we took the van to actually drop it off (RF walked to check on the tire), I asked the guy how they were going to put the tires on. I said "when you put the new tires on, will they go to the front, with the front tires being rotated to the back?" RF said "no, the rear tire" The guy knew what I was asking and told me that the rears would be replaced but that they would rotate them around to make them work best. RF just looked kind of confused until I explained about new tires going on the drive wheels and the older tires going on the other wheels. Then he wanted know why I hadn't just dealt with it LOL (as explained above, I likely would have taken someone's head off if I had to argue even a little bit about any of it)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Bloggers, do you censor what you write, based on who you know reads your blog? Would you censor yourself more if you knew different people were reading? I don't think I really censor what I write, I just don't write about certain things. I Don't gripe about RF here because I know that he reads it. I also don't write about my mom because I told her about the blog and whether she reads is a mystery, but I'm not interested in a fight if she does.

I found out recently that a teacher at The Boy's school reads my blog. I know her from outside of school (*waves, HI M LOL) and she is a nice person so I'm ok with her reading my blog. Knowing that she read it though gave me slight pause. It caused me to think about the "what ifs". Like what if J's mom reads my blog? What if TB gets a teacher that reads my blog? I know, based on my stats, that I have FAR MORE readers than commenters. That means there are plenty of people out there reading that I have no idea about. Over all, I'm ok with that but every once in awhile, it makes me ponder what I put out there.

This was what I liked about Livejournal. I had the power on each post to select who got to read it. Although I know none of that is fool proof, it wasn't just open to anyone. Most of my stuff was public, because I wasn't worried about but I liked the friends or private option. Sometimes, I needed to say something about someone that I knew who read and I would just set up a custom list and viola, they didn't know what I said.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


We were supposed to go blueberry picking this morning but when I woke up to thunder and lightening at 3:30, I decided that even if it was raining when it was time to leave, I probably wouldn't go. I needed to go to the farmer's market anyway, which was also something that I didn't want to do in the rain, but at least it wouldn't be a muddy mess. When I got up, it was raining and I had a message from Looseyfur telling me that the outing was cancelled. I decided to go with my parents and the kids to breakfast for the Marine Corp Toys for Tots ride that my dad was going in and then see if the rain slacked off enough to hit the farmer's market. The kids rode with my mom and I took my van since I was going elsewhere after. I backed out of the drive and the van felt kind of wobbly. It used to do that when we had mud by the drive and it would get all over my tires. I pulled across the street, thinking it would shake loose and I could be on my merry way. Once I got in the parking lot, I stopped to check because it hadn't shaken loose.

When I checked, I found that the rear passenger tire was completely flat :( I parked the van called my mom and we all went to breakfast. I called RF and told him about it and asked him to deal with it on his break. That meant no farmer's market, sadly :( Rf came home and got the van to the tire store (which I actually forgot about being there until after I had already called him to deal with it), where they patched it, because I had driven over a nail, and it was fine.

As it turned out, I'm glad the berry picking was cancelled because I either would have missed it or I would have found out about the tire part way out there.

It has been rescheduled for next weekend, when the kids will be gone. I may still go, but I'll need to find a ride. No point in me driving out by myself, when a bunch of people from the playgroup are going.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wall-E Review

I planned to review Wall-E after we saw it but never got around to it. Fortunately, for me and YOU, Slate did get around to it and did it much better and more well researched than I could (or would) have.

Why Wall-e is Bad. My only additional comment was that I felt like the whole movie simply a vehicle to make a not-so-thinly-veiled social comment. I don't want social commentary, especially overt social commentary in my cartoons. I want fun and laughs (which there are some, I'll admit) and entertainment. The short at the beginning of the movie is the part of the whole thing

Overheard at the Freak house

My mom took the kids to McDonald's tonight to play and have ice cream. The Boy wanted his sister to play army with him and she wouldn't. We told him that if he wanted someone to play with him, he needed to think up a game that she was willing to play. So he yelled at us

TB: I'm a 6 year old boy!
My mom: So, what does that mean?
TB:I like violence. I like army and Star Wars and Indiana Jones

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Overheard at the pool

11 year old girl: I'm gonna tell him you like him
Other 11 year old girl: Don't you dare tell him that. If you tell him that, I won't be your friend anymore.
11 YOG: Whatever *walks away*

11 YOG: *comes back* Guess what, he said he'd go out with you
O 11 YOG: Really? He said that? I can't believe it.
11 YOG: Yeah, I told him that I'd give him a quarter if he would go out with you.

And all I could think? OMG, you totally pimped your friend out for a QUARTER! LOL

Monday, July 7, 2008

For Sale, cheap

Two rotten kids! Seriously, is it a full moon or something because these two have done but fight and argue and whine at me all day. I'm very tired of it and I'm very glad that bedtime in in 30 minutes!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dirty thoughts

My house is FILTHY. A couple of weeks ago, my Swiffer broke so my house hasn't been mopped since then (and it kind of needed it the day the Swiffer died so it has been awhile). I finally got a new Swiffer today and set about cleaning my kitchen. I swept and then assembled my shiny new Swiffer. I sprayed and mopped and mopped and sprayed. When I was done, the pad was absolutely BLACK. Typically, I mop about once a week (not including the everyday mess clean ups that I do) and I can do the living room and the kitchen with one pad. The pad is rarely as filthy as it was today with just one room done.

I also stripped and remade all the beds, turned my mattress (for the first time since I bought it, I've always had a waterbed that didn't need turned so this is a new thing to me.

I still have a bunch of laundry to finish and put away (that used to be my biggest housework downfall but we have a system that works pretty well so I don't get too far behind anymore) and run at least one more load of dishes tonight

Tomorrow I need to:
scrub the bathroom
Sweep the bathroom
mop the bathroom

While Ms Thang had her bath, I scrubbed the bathroom and then as soon as she was out of the tub, I scrubbed it so that is all done

vaccum the dining room

vaccum the living room
sweep the living room
mop the living room

It seems like there is something else I need to do, but I can't think of it so it will probably not get done.

Edited: I need to run one more load of dishes, start another load of laundry and put everything away

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th fun

The 4th was great yesterday. We haven't had such wonderful weather for a long time and it couldn't have come at a better. Generally, we all go to my grandma's for the 4th but this year I decided to buck tradition and host my own cookout. Before that, though, we went to the parade. The Boy was pretty upset that they weren't throwing candy (they haven't for awhile so I'm not sure what he was expecting. We were all pretty irritated with water guns on the floats. It is fine, if they are squirting people that want to be squirted but not everyone does and the boy scout leaders need to pay attention instead of playing with their own guns. I was about 1 drop of water from charging the float and confiscating the guns. Fortunately, they got past us so I didn't have to. Ms Thang sat on my mom's lap and fell asleep after complaining about the sirens and the guns. Then she (my mom) decided to start complaining about how she doesn't like parades and how it was too hot and how she was ready to leave. That caused TB to start in on it so we packed up our stuff and left.

Once we got home, we pretty much ran around like crazy, getting stuff ready for our cookout. At 5, some of our guests (my family) showed up, even though it wasn't scheduled to start until 6. I started cooking food and my friends (the people the cookout was actually for, the family was sort of a pity invite) showed up around 6. Libbygirl, Quigs, Looseyfur, and Missy and their families joined us for burgers and hot dogs plus all the watermelon we could eat, as well as tasty sides and decedant desserts. The kids ran all over the back yard, playing the water and sand, stomping in the splashing pool (not a swimming pool because MT was pretty upset that it wasn't big enough to swim in LOL), driving/pushing the car, swinging and sword fighting the night away.

At 9, we all migrated to our front sidewalk/wall to watch the fireworks. I made a big deal about how everybody should come to my house to watch the fireworks because then they wouldn't have to fight traffic, we could see it all, blah blah blah. Then the fireworks started and we couldn't see more than a few. I was super disappointed and a little irritated about it since last year had been so good. About 9:30, a little to right, a big bunch of fireworks went off and we figured out that we had been seeing a smattering of some other town's. Probably Fisher or Mahomet, based on position. I was thrilled that I didn't lie to people about how good the show was from my house. Most of the kids were enthralled. I was pretty amazed at how well they all did. PG LOVED the fireworks and just stared and stared at them. Ms Thang got bored and went in the house, The Boy crawled in RF's lap and fell asleep, Flynn laid in Missy's lap with her fingers in her ears and fell asleep. Bubba, X-Man and Lightening McColin got a little ansty and played for a bit in the yard between watching the fireworks.

I ended up carrying The Boy into the house and putting him to bed. He was running a little fever and I gave him some Tylenol, after insisting that he try to go to the bathroom. As he staggered to the bedroom, he moaned "I'm so tired" and flopped into bed, asleep already. I took Ms Thang and told her she had to go to bed as well. She was sitting in the chair, head back eyes closed, yawning, insisting "I'm not tired, I don't wanna go to bed" I put her in bed anyway and she was there for about 2 minutes before she fell asleep, in the middle of talking to herself LOL

This morning, TB woke up burning up and complaining of a sore throat. I took him CC and they said that they couldn't see anything wrong. His ears were clear and his rapid strep came back negative. The doctor put him on antibiotics until his non-rapid strep comes back on Monday or Tuesday. After we left, I wondered about a sinus infection, but they didn't check that so I'll give him the antibiotics and wait and see for the strep check. Either way, the antibiotics will help. I just hope that he didn't pass anything off to Evan and my cousin that he was playing with yesterday.

This afternoon, we went and saw Wall-E and I wasn't impressed. Ms Thang didn't like it and spent a lot of time saying "I'm tired of being here, this isn't fun" The Boy, whose fever had broken at that point (but has since come back in force), layed his head on the arm of his chair and giggled a few times but didn't seem too interested in it, aside from the slapstick. I'll blog my review of it later and why I didn't like it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday, we started out the day by going to the park. I emailed Quigs and invited her and the quiglets along. I figured she was going to the gym so I didn't hold my breath for her coming with us. The Boy asked if they were coming (odd, since they aren't really his friends) and when I said no, he said "good, I'm sick of playing with babies!" We were there for awhile and Quigs called to tell me she was done working out and was going to come over. TB asked who was on the phone and I told him and what she wanted. His response was "$hit, I hoped they weren't" I pointed out to him that he was already playing with someone and just because they were at a park didn't mean he had to play with them. They came and played for a while and then everyone was melting down so it was time to go home. We went home, had lunch and put Ms Thang down for her nap.

After her nap, we headed for the pool. Quigs and the quiglets met us there. It was PG's first time in the pool and only Bubba's second time. They did so good, for not having done it. Bubba was a little stressed about actually getting in the water, but once he was in the kiddie pool, he liked it. He was not impressed with the big pool and spent his time throwing the ball in the pool and having me throw it back. then we went to McDonald's and had dinner while the kids played. I thought I lost Bubba when he ran in the playplace and climbed all the way to the top while I was getting drinks! He just doesn't do that so I was surprised.

Then I took the kids home, where they set about carving watermelons for the 4th. I left to go to book club and dinner. We sat outside and it was awesome. Looseyfur, Libbygirl and Quigs were there, as well as several other playgroup moms. We discussed the book Me Talk Pretty One Day, which is a collection of essays written by David Sedaris. They were all really funny and it was a pretty fast read (good thing, I thought book club was Aug 1st, not July 1st untila bout 2 weeks ago). I really like The Rooster (the author's brother) and his mom. We had dinner and chatted about various topics, including digital scrapbooking and spicy food. :) A little after 8, most of the moms decided they needed to leave but I was so not ready to go home.

Looseyfur, Quigs and I went to a book store in Puerto Rico and had coffee and dessert and talked until they kicked us out at 10, when they closed. Then we migrated to the parking lot and spent another hour talking. I got home about 11:30 but that was ok. It was so much fun talking to them. They are like extensions of my mind and it is fantastic to have people who I feel so in sync with!

Today, I spent the morning cleaning the house (although you can't tell now) and getting ready for our 4th of July cook out. I had to make the burgers and freeze them, which took way longer than it should have. Then it was lunch, nap, pool, dinner, TV and bed. Now, I'm blogging and watching Dirty Dancing and thinking about getting some ice cream. :)

Tomorrow, we have big kid playgroup in the AM (although I'm not sure how many big kids will be there), then a regular playgroup in the afternoon. In between that, RF has to mow the yard and make his strawberry dessert for the cookout. Plus, sometime, I have to go to the meat store. Probably tomorrow morning after big kid play group, but we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shop til we drop

For the first time, I went to Aldi's yesterday ofr goroceries. Some of you remember that one of my 2008 goals was to spend less money. I succeeded in paying off my van, which was a huge help, but groceries were kicking my butt (as is gas but we ride the bus when we can so I'm doing what I can with high prices). I budget $300 a month for a family of 4. We were under most of the time, which was great. Then 2 weeks ago, I spent $160+, not including the meat that I got (we don't get meat at the grocery store anymore because Old Time Meat and Deli is way better). Time for a change, I say.

I knew there were a few things on my list that I couldn't get there since they carry mainly off brands and I needed a couple of name brands (I don't eat generic Jello, for instance). I ended up getting everything on my list aside from the things I expected and a couple of other things I was a little surprised about. I spent $60 on 90% of my groceries. Then I went to County Market and spent another $40 on the things that I couldn't get at Aldi's. Total was about $108, including some things I had to pick up at Walmart that I would have gotten with groceries, had I gone to Mejiers. Now I still need meat but that has to wait until I'm out that way anyway. Probably not for a couple of more days but still, I spent $50 less by going to 2 different stores instead of one.

The major problem is that you have to take your own bags. I need to learn to sew so that I can make the cool t-shirt bags that Missy made. Then I could kill 2 birds with one stone byt making my own bags AND cleaning out my overflowing closet :)