Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th fun

The 4th was great yesterday. We haven't had such wonderful weather for a long time and it couldn't have come at a better. Generally, we all go to my grandma's for the 4th but this year I decided to buck tradition and host my own cookout. Before that, though, we went to the parade. The Boy was pretty upset that they weren't throwing candy (they haven't for awhile so I'm not sure what he was expecting. We were all pretty irritated with water guns on the floats. It is fine, if they are squirting people that want to be squirted but not everyone does and the boy scout leaders need to pay attention instead of playing with their own guns. I was about 1 drop of water from charging the float and confiscating the guns. Fortunately, they got past us so I didn't have to. Ms Thang sat on my mom's lap and fell asleep after complaining about the sirens and the guns. Then she (my mom) decided to start complaining about how she doesn't like parades and how it was too hot and how she was ready to leave. That caused TB to start in on it so we packed up our stuff and left.

Once we got home, we pretty much ran around like crazy, getting stuff ready for our cookout. At 5, some of our guests (my family) showed up, even though it wasn't scheduled to start until 6. I started cooking food and my friends (the people the cookout was actually for, the family was sort of a pity invite) showed up around 6. Libbygirl, Quigs, Looseyfur, and Missy and their families joined us for burgers and hot dogs plus all the watermelon we could eat, as well as tasty sides and decedant desserts. The kids ran all over the back yard, playing the water and sand, stomping in the splashing pool (not a swimming pool because MT was pretty upset that it wasn't big enough to swim in LOL), driving/pushing the car, swinging and sword fighting the night away.

At 9, we all migrated to our front sidewalk/wall to watch the fireworks. I made a big deal about how everybody should come to my house to watch the fireworks because then they wouldn't have to fight traffic, we could see it all, blah blah blah. Then the fireworks started and we couldn't see more than a few. I was super disappointed and a little irritated about it since last year had been so good. About 9:30, a little to right, a big bunch of fireworks went off and we figured out that we had been seeing a smattering of some other town's. Probably Fisher or Mahomet, based on position. I was thrilled that I didn't lie to people about how good the show was from my house. Most of the kids were enthralled. I was pretty amazed at how well they all did. PG LOVED the fireworks and just stared and stared at them. Ms Thang got bored and went in the house, The Boy crawled in RF's lap and fell asleep, Flynn laid in Missy's lap with her fingers in her ears and fell asleep. Bubba, X-Man and Lightening McColin got a little ansty and played for a bit in the yard between watching the fireworks.

I ended up carrying The Boy into the house and putting him to bed. He was running a little fever and I gave him some Tylenol, after insisting that he try to go to the bathroom. As he staggered to the bedroom, he moaned "I'm so tired" and flopped into bed, asleep already. I took Ms Thang and told her she had to go to bed as well. She was sitting in the chair, head back eyes closed, yawning, insisting "I'm not tired, I don't wanna go to bed" I put her in bed anyway and she was there for about 2 minutes before she fell asleep, in the middle of talking to herself LOL

This morning, TB woke up burning up and complaining of a sore throat. I took him CC and they said that they couldn't see anything wrong. His ears were clear and his rapid strep came back negative. The doctor put him on antibiotics until his non-rapid strep comes back on Monday or Tuesday. After we left, I wondered about a sinus infection, but they didn't check that so I'll give him the antibiotics and wait and see for the strep check. Either way, the antibiotics will help. I just hope that he didn't pass anything off to Evan and my cousin that he was playing with yesterday.

This afternoon, we went and saw Wall-E and I wasn't impressed. Ms Thang didn't like it and spent a lot of time saying "I'm tired of being here, this isn't fun" The Boy, whose fever had broken at that point (but has since come back in force), layed his head on the arm of his chair and giggled a few times but didn't seem too interested in it, aside from the slapstick. I'll blog my review of it later and why I didn't like it.

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