Thursday, July 31, 2008

Open letter to people in town

First of all to service providers in town, just because many or even most of your customers are stupid bordering on braindead doesn't mean that we all are. No need to treat me like and idiot when I ask a legit question.

To the dad at McDonald's, don't take your kid to McDonald's, feed them a salad and eat in the play place then refuse to get them a toy when EVERY OTHER KID in the place has "Spy Gear" toys. That is just mean. If you are insistant that you won't get your 6 year old more plastic junk, then don't let them eat in the playplace with all the other kids. Get your salad to go and go to a park to eat it.

To the lady at the park. If your dogs are "mean and might bite or scratch", for the love of God, do not bring them literally through the playground where there are obviously several kids playing. Walk around, use the sidewalk, etc. Don't put that temptation out there.

To Google. Neither of my blogs are, or have ever been, spam. Your filter sucks since it has flagged both this blog and my scrapbook blog as spam at various times. I don't do spam and I don't know what I'm posting that is triggering the lock downs. Clue me in and I'll quit posting it. It is as much a pain for me to be locked down as it is for you to have to continually review my blogs to find they really aren't spam!

Finally, to my neighbor. If your ill tempered dog EVER comes onto my property again, scaring my child and growling at me, I will drop kick it across the street. I realize that you don't particularly watch your children and your dog is watched only marginally better (at least you come outside with your dog instead of turning it loose to roam the neighborhood for hours at a time) but at least your children don't growl and potentially bite.

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Quigs78 said...

The title of your blog says Freak. You know. Like freaky deaky. Like bom chicka bom bom.

That triggers my filter every time.