Thursday, July 24, 2008

Odds and ends

Nothing major happening so a few lists.

For the cryptic mess recently, I thought Quigs was avoiding me for some unknown reason. When I asked about it, she told me to quite being stupid so I knew we were ok LOL

I think the "Sisterhood of the Traveling.."something (pants, diaper bag, porn star bra, etc) should go see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie when it comes out August 6th

We have decided on Holiday World for vacation. Now, we just have to decide whether we go to the park for 2 half days and stay one night or stay two nights and go to the park one whole day.

I'm reading a new Mary Janice Davidson book. If all the books I read, read as fast as her's and Janet Evanonvich's do, I could easily clear 100 books in a year. I can read one book in about 8 hours of reading. I would kick Missy's butt for books in a year LOL

I'm doing a terrible job keeping up my book list. I'm at least 3 or 4 books behind. I need to get that taken care of.

We went to the fair tonight. My mom had some free passes os we took the kids, rode some rides, ate some fair food (some of the best food there is) and saw the rodeo. The Boy went in the fun house, despite my warnings that it was so not fun. He ended up completely terrified and they had to shut it down and the girl had to go in and get him. Ms Thang didn't like the bulls because they were mean for trying to get the cowboys off them. They both liked all the junk they were allowed to eat and the trash sucking cow.

I'm going to Curtis Orchard tomorrow with S, from big kid play group. Then in the afternoon, Quigs and I are going berry picking at Pontious Farm because I'm out of blueberries again. Hopefully the picking will be better than it was last weekend because I need way more than 3/4 of a pound of berries to sustain the berry machine that lives at my house. Plus, I'm going to make the kids home made fruit roll ups and I would like to try blueberries in them

Saturday, I MUST go to the farmer's market. I've been trying to get some zebra tomatoes for a month and the only time I managed to get over there, they didn't have any. I need some freaking good tomatoes!

Saturday, we also have Cruisin for kids with Cancer, The last 3 years, I have volunteered to do things while others ride. This year, it sort of snuck up on me and I haven't emailed about volunteering. I will still go (TB rides with my dad on the ride) and take pictures and things. And if they need any additional people at the end, then I'll offer to help but I'm not going to commit this late in the game.

Finally, some pages I did from last years event

C4KC pages


Looseyfur said...

Damn girl, you're like a socialite. Hitting the fair, the farm, the orchard, Holiday World and the bike event. I'm telling ya -- full social calendar.

Did RF get over not seeing Hellboy 2 yet. MacTroll said he had wanted to go.

ERN said...

Can you please pass along a thanks to everyone in the family for riding in Cruisin' for Kids Cancer again this year? I appreciate them doing it!

Ros said...

Don't you just love MaryJanice?

abyss said...

Ill try to pass it along E But you know how her dad is, he will just grunt, and sigh.



Looseyfur said...

Oh, and I'm up for the Traveling Pants... as long as Rogers brings her bucket o'popcorn.