Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday, we started out the day by going to the park. I emailed Quigs and invited her and the quiglets along. I figured she was going to the gym so I didn't hold my breath for her coming with us. The Boy asked if they were coming (odd, since they aren't really his friends) and when I said no, he said "good, I'm sick of playing with babies!" We were there for awhile and Quigs called to tell me she was done working out and was going to come over. TB asked who was on the phone and I told him and what she wanted. His response was "$hit, I hoped they weren't" I pointed out to him that he was already playing with someone and just because they were at a park didn't mean he had to play with them. They came and played for a while and then everyone was melting down so it was time to go home. We went home, had lunch and put Ms Thang down for her nap.

After her nap, we headed for the pool. Quigs and the quiglets met us there. It was PG's first time in the pool and only Bubba's second time. They did so good, for not having done it. Bubba was a little stressed about actually getting in the water, but once he was in the kiddie pool, he liked it. He was not impressed with the big pool and spent his time throwing the ball in the pool and having me throw it back. then we went to McDonald's and had dinner while the kids played. I thought I lost Bubba when he ran in the playplace and climbed all the way to the top while I was getting drinks! He just doesn't do that so I was surprised.

Then I took the kids home, where they set about carving watermelons for the 4th. I left to go to book club and dinner. We sat outside and it was awesome. Looseyfur, Libbygirl and Quigs were there, as well as several other playgroup moms. We discussed the book Me Talk Pretty One Day, which is a collection of essays written by David Sedaris. They were all really funny and it was a pretty fast read (good thing, I thought book club was Aug 1st, not July 1st untila bout 2 weeks ago). I really like The Rooster (the author's brother) and his mom. We had dinner and chatted about various topics, including digital scrapbooking and spicy food. :) A little after 8, most of the moms decided they needed to leave but I was so not ready to go home.

Looseyfur, Quigs and I went to a book store in Puerto Rico and had coffee and dessert and talked until they kicked us out at 10, when they closed. Then we migrated to the parking lot and spent another hour talking. I got home about 11:30 but that was ok. It was so much fun talking to them. They are like extensions of my mind and it is fantastic to have people who I feel so in sync with!

Today, I spent the morning cleaning the house (although you can't tell now) and getting ready for our 4th of July cook out. I had to make the burgers and freeze them, which took way longer than it should have. Then it was lunch, nap, pool, dinner, TV and bed. Now, I'm blogging and watching Dirty Dancing and thinking about getting some ice cream. :)

Tomorrow, we have big kid playgroup in the AM (although I'm not sure how many big kids will be there), then a regular playgroup in the afternoon. In between that, RF has to mow the yard and make his strawberry dessert for the cookout. Plus, sometime, I have to go to the meat store. Probably tomorrow morning after big kid play group, but we'll see how that goes.


Quigs78 said...

Yum - strawberry dessert. I have no idea what it is, and it kinda reminds me of "meat surprise" from high school, but I love strawberries.

I got everything for eclair cake and taco dip! Yeah, I should probably go to the gym that day. ;)

(And Loosey and I said the same things about you. *smooch*)

abyss said...

Do not get too excited, I have never made it before. It was on a cool whip tv ad and I said to myself "self" thats what I call myself in my head, but I digress, I said "self, I can make that." So I am going to give it a go and hope it turns out as good as it looks on TV.


makeup_girl said...

I'm sorry I missed the book club meetup. Not only did I miss out on the spicy food, but also your discussion on digital scrapbooking. I've been meaning to ask how you do the pages on your other blog. I would love to sit down and physically put pages together, but I have neither the time nor the space to do it. Will you share your secret with me oneday?

The Fearless Freak said...

I have a "welcome to digi-scrapping" email that has lots of beginner tips that I will send you, sometime after nap :)

Looseyfur said...

If you'd like to borrow any other David Sedaris books, I have Dress Your Family in Coduroy and Denim and Holidays on Ice. Dress Your Family has LOTs more Rooster and Mom stories.