Sunday, July 27, 2008

The day

It started with me running to the store to get some turkey bacon since my mom was making breakfast, but I don't eat regular bacon. After breakfast, RF helped my dad haul out their busted dryer then I went and did some gift shopping. We got home about 11 and went grocery shopping at Aldi's. Brought that home and put it all away, using the fab t-shirt bags that Missy made me.

By then it was time to "rest", although rest time amounted to us laying there for an hour. I alternated watching stuff on my computer while ignoring her and yelling at her to lay down and be quite. Neither work and we just wasted an hour. We got up and RF and I went to County Market while the kids stayed with my mom. We spent outrageous amounts of money at the various stores and it made me sad.

Home and put away the groceries, again. Then I cooked dinner while my mom played with the kids in the yard. After dinner (grilled chicken with salad and tater tots), we went to Target to do yet more gift shopping. I had planned to buy school supplies (so don't even get me started on school supplies, I ranted about it last year at this time and I feel the same way this time around)today, but I couldn't get online to print the list so by the time I found one at Target, I didn't want to shop for them anymore.

Now we are home and watching TV. The Boy wants me to help him get through a level on Lego Indy, so we may work on that and then ice cream and bed :)

Nothing exciting here and I'm really ok with that. Yesterday was a long day and it was nice to have a day where we didn't do much :)


Kim said...
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Quigs78 said...

Yay for Target trips! :)

It was too hot for you to do anything more than that, anyway.

I'd love to meet your friend kim...we should invite her to a playdate.