Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More odds and ends

I like the list posts. I have 1000 things bouncing around in my head to blog about but none of them ever get fleshed out into real posts. So you all get pictures and lists :)

Ms Thang's face is better. Thanks all for the concern. It is scabbed over but not looking so raw and painful. She did ask to wear her sunglasses to the park so no one would see it.

We had a playdate at the park. I left feeling kind of icky. It made me sad.

At the park, we ran into J and his mom. I chatted with her for a bit while the boys played. They did a great job not being brats!

After the park we went to Mejier to buy The Boy a new pair of sandles because his broke. I wasn't going to do it since it is the end of summer and he could just make do with his flip flops and crocs, but since we are going on vacation next week, I decided to go ahead. Neither of his other shoes are good for walking or for moving rides. He needed something that would stay on his feet.

I like the new Kid Rock Song "All Summer Long"

I also think it is a little bit awesome that he Boycotts iTunes. Not that anything is wrong with iTunes but he has a valid point about record companies.

My fruit leather has partially failed. The strawberry, 24 hours later, was still almost totally liquid and there were little fuzzy blossoms on it tonight :( the cherry and blueberry look like they are almost done and nothing fuzzy on them. Not something I will likely try again.

I feel a little bit bad that I bailed on my conversation with Rogers last night, telling her I was going to bed because I was tired. I always read while I floss before bed and I got sucked in, hard core last night. Instead of going to bed because I was exhausted, I stayed up reading until after 1, so that I could finish the book. Sorry Rogers :(

My house is really dirty. We have no plans tomorrow so we are going to stay home and clean it up.

Ms Thang doesn't want to go to preschool. She says "they will oppress me at that school, if you make me go, I will be oppressed" I'm fairly certain she means "depress", however it is really funny to think about "the man" keeping her down while at school LOL. Anything school related stresses her out right now.

We have taken The Boy to get hit with a Jesus stick (for you Lost fans out there, that is a reference to Charlie's conversation with Mr. Echo about his "Jesus stick" having blood on it in season 2). We go to the First Christian Church on a fairly regular basis to play at their FANTASTIC indoor playground. For months, they have had signs up, promoting vacation bible school. They all show science-y stuff and TB was enthralled. He begged to be allowed to go so I signed them both up for it. It started Sunday, which is a dumb day to start VBS, but whatever. We missed day one because of the afformentioned dumb day but I went ahead to take them last night. After her day (no nap, busted face, etc), when she begged me not to make her go, I decided not to push it. Turned out to be a good thing since when I stopped in her room to tell her teachers that she wouldn't be coming after all, I saw a little boy that we know in there that she has a "personality conflict" with (which is a nice way of saying he is a bully and she doesn't let him get away with any crap and he whines and cries about it). TB loves VBS and asks every day if he will be allowed to go back the next day. He is gonna be upset when he finds out it is only a week long.

We got caught in the crazy ass downpour that hit town while we were picking TB up from VBS. It was raining so hard I could barely see. It looked like they were evacuating the classes when we got there. I ran back out to get the van to pull up under the over hang to get everyone loaded. The water, although it didn't look that deep, was to the middle of my calf. Too bad I wore my leather sandles out there :(

Personally, I'm opposed to being hit with a Jesus stick but I found that out for myself and my kids deserve the same chance. He can decide if he wants to do something more with it as he gets older. I will absolutely take hm to church, should he choose that route.

Speaking of school, Tb has such different interests from me, it just boggles my mind. I'm all about books and reading and English (which could explain why a large portion of my friends are English majors) and he is so into science and little math. He is forever asking what numbers added together are and has started talking about subtraction. Heaven help me when he gets much older. I could barely pass basic algebra and had to take remeidial math in college (which I never did pass, preschool teachers really only have to be able to count to 10 so it isn't that big of a deal LOL). There is no way I'll be able to help him at all once he is past the ad subtract multiply and divide stage.

The Boy has decided to start doing chores again. For the last half of the school year, he had chores that he got paid a dollar a day to do. We had a good routine but once school got out, it all went to hell! He didn't do any the entire month of June and now most of July. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he promised Ms Thang he would buy her a Barbie doll. When pressed on the subject, he said that he wanted to buy her one because she deserved it for being good. News to me, but ok. I told him he needed to get back on doing his chores so he could earn some money to fulfill his promise. He started by putting away all his laundry yesterday. Today was crazy busy (park, Meijer, McDonalds, rest, pool, VBS, dinner, bed) so he didn't have time to vacuum, but I'm going to make him earn it tomorrow! :)


Quigs78 said...

I totally LOL'd when I read about MT being oppressed.

The fruit leather that I buy at the big box store doesn't have fuzzy things. I'm just saying.

I felt icky after the park, too. But part of it was PG playing with dead beetles everywhere I put her. And part of it was Bubba covered in mud. But I hear you.

And I rock out to Kid Rock every morning at the gym because that video is on VH1's Top 20 Countdown that I watch on the elliptical. My favorite part is "smoking funny things."

My comment is almost as long as your post.

The Fearless Freak said...

That is why I pitched the strawberry. I'll see tomorrow how the blueberry and cherry is, if not well then big box (or doing without) it is.

Those beetles were GROSS. I think I found out what they were.

WARNING: icky big beetle picture under the link.Stag Beetles

The Fearless Freak said...

Ah, the pinchers aren't for hurting (is there a book on that topic LOL), they are like guys who drive really fancy cars. They are for attracting all the fine ladies :)

Loretta said...

I like this "list" post. :)

I, too, LOL'ed at Ms. Thang being "oppressed." Ironically, there's probably a few ounces of truth in that statement, whether or not that was the word she meant. :)

I'm not much for being hit over the head with a Jesus stick (huge LOST fan here, too), either. K. keeps telling us, "I go to turch" ever since we got back from a long visit with my (crazy fundamentalist) parents. David has said he'll take him if he really wants to go on Sundays, but when it comes down to it, so far he'd rather go to the park or the pool than "turch." Unlike his father, I tell him that we don't go because it makes mommy really angry. When I was pg. with K, some of our friends said that when he got to be a teenager, he'd probably be a fundamentalist christian/republican just to piss me off. I remember them saying something about a poster of Billy Graham on one wall and George W. Bush on the other. OMG. I seriously hope not.

Quigs78 said...

LOL @ Pinchers Aren't For Hurting!

So PG was just training them for the Chinese art of insect fighting (per Wiki).

See? The Asian heritage pops through at the strangest times.

Mommy Schiff said...

I can't wait until JB starts doing chores! He does help fold and put up his laundry now but I don't
pay him anything...I wonder how long I can keep that up?