Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shop til we drop

For the first time, I went to Aldi's yesterday ofr goroceries. Some of you remember that one of my 2008 goals was to spend less money. I succeeded in paying off my van, which was a huge help, but groceries were kicking my butt (as is gas but we ride the bus when we can so I'm doing what I can with high prices). I budget $300 a month for a family of 4. We were under most of the time, which was great. Then 2 weeks ago, I spent $160+, not including the meat that I got (we don't get meat at the grocery store anymore because Old Time Meat and Deli is way better). Time for a change, I say.

I knew there were a few things on my list that I couldn't get there since they carry mainly off brands and I needed a couple of name brands (I don't eat generic Jello, for instance). I ended up getting everything on my list aside from the things I expected and a couple of other things I was a little surprised about. I spent $60 on 90% of my groceries. Then I went to County Market and spent another $40 on the things that I couldn't get at Aldi's. Total was about $108, including some things I had to pick up at Walmart that I would have gotten with groceries, had I gone to Mejiers. Now I still need meat but that has to wait until I'm out that way anyway. Probably not for a couple of more days but still, I spent $50 less by going to 2 different stores instead of one.

The major problem is that you have to take your own bags. I need to learn to sew so that I can make the cool t-shirt bags that Missy made. Then I could kill 2 birds with one stone byt making my own bags AND cleaning out my overflowing closet :)


Misc said...

If you'd like, just give me the t-shirts and I'd be more than happy to whip up some shopping bags for you. Just give them to me on Friday.

I love Aldi's and shop there often, especially for snack items for preschool. I just came from Meijer's because they had the best sale this week and County Market does not price match.

Looseyfur said...

I had the same freak out at Meijer last week. Our groceries for a family of three got up to $145 and I even kept Joel with me for the whole trip so we'd stick to the list.

What was even more depressing was that everything we got outside of produce was pretty much on sale. And that was last Saturday. As I look at the refrigerator now on Tuesday, the fridge seems almost empty.

I haven't been at Aldi's since I lived with my mom. I used to buys stuff there in high school because I would be running from school to work to soccer or volleyball practice back to work and then home. I think it's time I stopped in and checked them out again.

Anyone got a membership to Sam's with a guest pass?

The Fearless Freak said...

I don't have a Sam's pass but once upon a time, we did (work had discounts on them) and I found the prices, per item, were pretty similar to what I was paying at regular grocery stores, I just had to buy a lot more of them and have somewhere to store them.

Looseyfur said...

Yeah, I went once with Rogers. The fruit part scared me (who can possibly eat that many raspberries before they go bad without having a family of 15?).

But for things like drinks, it worked out a bit cheaper. But storage was a big problem if you went too crazy. However, with the escalating prices for things like cereal (I read an article that the price had gone up 4-7 percent depending on where live in the last four months), soft drinks and stuff, I thought maybe I'd check it out again.

Quigs78 said...

We go to Sam's - just come with me and we can get what you want. Who's up for a Mom's Night at Sam's Club?


Gnightgirl said...

You know where the best savings on a decent product are, at Aldi's? T-a-m-p-o-n-s. $2.99-$2.99, and they give the brand names a run for their money, in my opinion.

Ok, the produce and cheese are good there too. Some things do scare me, just because they're so processed, but I just pass on that crap and go for the good savings.

Urbana Aldi's sells wine and beer, btw. Champaign's does not.

Gnightgirl said...

I meant $1.99-$2.99.