Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The ultimate update

So far today, I have:
Swept and mopped the kitchen and the living room
Vaccummed the living room and the dining room
Put away laundry
Did 2 new loads of laundry that have to finish in the dryer so I can put them away
put away dishes
Ran a load of dishes that I'm waiting for it to get done so I can put it away and do at least one more
Cleaned strawberries and blueberries
Started dinner (BBQ chicken in the croc pot)
Fed the kids
Changed the channel a bunch of times
Helped TB figure out his way through his level of Lego Indy
Refereed about 1000 fights

Stil left to do:
Put away dishes
Put away the rest of the laundry
Wash the stuff too big to fit in the dish washer
Make tea
Make lunch
Clean watermelon
enforce "rest" time
go to the pool
Stop at least 1000 more fights.


makeup_girl said...

So far today, I have: almost burnt down my house. I'll blog about that later, when the kids are asleep and I can't smell the fire anymore.

Looseyfur said...

You've been more productive than me today. I managed to vacuum the first floor, put together a headboard and make dinner. I'm pretty sure I could have done more than that, if my whole body wasn't screaming in pain from the Wii. Seriously, I need to do some upperbody work.

I guess I can do that starting tomorrow when I go back to painting my fence.

Quigs78 said...

I took a nap today and then ate cheesecake with you.

That's all.