Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today was my birthday. WF came running into my room and told me I had to get up because he needed me in his room. I asked what was wrong and he told me it was an emergency and I needed to come right now. He seemed a little shifty, so I went to the bathroom first and then joined him in his room. I asked what the emergency was and he yelled "It's a birthday emergency" and gave me jazz hands. Then he presented me with my presents. He got me a card and a small cutting board with a pairing knife. He also made me pumpkin bars with help from my mom. Apparently, they went to Dollar Tree to get me a card and young guy overheard him talking about getting his mom a card. The guy gave him a dollar and told him he also had to get his mom a present! After appropriate thank yous, they spent a long time looking for something that I would like. He eventually settled on the cutting board because I've been complaining that I want a new cutting board for the kitchen. :) On the way home he said "hey, now mom has a knife to cut her pumpkin bars with! Best present ever!" LOL All my presents have been hidden in the house since Tuesday and I had no idea.

RF complained that I don't ever want anything for birthdays so yesterday when my headphones broke, he had a fit when I tried to by myself a new pair. Instead, he went and bought the pair I picked out and had MF give them to me. I got a nice card from work and a raspberry mocha and a cake pop after school :)

But quite possibly the best part of my birthday was the fact that I did absolutely NOTHING after I picked the kids up at school. I bought KFC for dinner, put on my jammies and spent the afternoon/evening sitting in my chair. i didn't have to run anyone anywhere or do much of anything. It was the best night of the week! :)

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Looseyfur said...

Oooh! See that sounds like an awesome birthday to me! I'm glad you got to sit around in your jams. It's totally worth it.

See you Sunday!