Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of the Rest of your Life

My boy is a typical teenager and, because of his learning challenges, a disorganized hot mess.  His superhero name is pretty spot on.  He is wild! Keep that statement in mind as you read the rest of this.

Last week, we started our first full year of homeschooling (we started in November last school year).  My biggest goal for this year is to teach the kids good habits and organization.  I bought them nifty binders and planners in matching colors, in an effort to keep them organized and on track.
WF, showing his plain black binder.

MF is displaying her pretty teal student planner.

The first week of school, WF got up, not only on time but EARLY.  We've all seen information on how teens need more sleep and how schools start too early for teens. I intentionally scheduled his school start later to be later, so he could get enough sleep. He gets to wake up on his own and he is choosing to get up early.

He has also filled out AND marked off his planner every day! Let me say that again! HE IS FILLING OUT THE PLANNER AND MARKING OFF HIS COMPLETED ASSIGNMENTS EVERY DAY! I know, I'm yelling, but this is a big damn deal around here and totally worth yelling about!

Besides that, he, of his own volition, added his daily chore to his planner and offered to fill it out during his "study hall" the day before.  These are choices he is making to be more organized and keep better track of his time.  This is absolutely amazing for him and has kicked his school year off on a really impressive note.

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