Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey four eyes

We got the card in the mail today telling us that The Boy's glasses are in. I have to call to schedule a time to pick them up. So I called this afternoon and got a recording that said "our business hours are 8-4 M-F, please call back then to leave a message or talk to a person" Really, I have to call during business hours to leave a message?

Anyway, I'll call Monday morning and see when I can get him in for the final fitting. I also need to ask about what happens when (when, not if, because, hello TB we are talking about here) they break. Can we get more than one pair a year, etc? I know they are going to be a huge PITA but I'm kind of excited about him getting them.


Jason said...

Many insurance providers only cover one set of glasses per year, but there's usually some sort of coverage you can purchase through the same place as the glasses that will cover accidental damage (and sometimes loss).

Jenna said...

Many places will fix or replace the frames if they break in a reasonable manner. It is worth the 'non-scratch' coating...which means they will replace the lenses within a year if they get too bad (many insurances will only pay for new lenses every 2 years!).

Best wishes. Our 12yo has gone through quite a few pairs over the years.