Monday, January 19, 2009

New living arrangment

MT told me today that she wants to go live with Quigs. She said I yell too much and it makes her sad and that Quigs would be nicer to her. I pointed out that Quigs is a yeller too but she said she would listen to her and she wouldn't need to yell. She said that on Saturday morning, she is going to have her daddy call Quigs and see if she can live with her. Why Saturday morning? I have no idea but that is D-day as far as she is concerned.

She has it all planned out too. We told her that Quigs doesn't have Mario Party (her favorite game) and she said that was fine, she would just take our copy with her. TB went on and on about the things she couldn't do if she went to live Quigs and she blew each of them off.

Later in the evening, with a stuck out lip and big, dramatic eyes she told us that she would miss us a lot when she went to live with Quigs and I pointed out that she didn't have to go. She said "yes I do. I don't like it when you yell (which has already been established in this blog that I'm aware of the problem and trying to correct it) and I miss Bubba and Pretty Girl" Ah. That makes sense.

So Quigs, if my little stray shows up at your house (I told her I wouldn't take her over because you don't like strays so you don't feed them), don't feed her but do be sure to let her see your kids for a few minutes before you call me to get her

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Quigs78 said...

Apparently she forgot about the cats because there's no way she would stay here if she remembered that the cats would eat her while she sleeps.

But we miss MT, too! I feel like it's been FOR.EV.ER. since the kids have been together. Next week, for sure, I promise! (Even if we all have to wear hazmat suits!)