Sunday, January 18, 2009

My weekend

Saturday, we got up and hunted around the house for TB's new glasses (yes, you read that right, he had the 2 days and managed to misplace them). For the record, they were found in the cushions of my dad's chair. Once we found them, my mom said she wanted to take the kids to the pool. I told her they opened at 12 and I needed to go to the library so let's go. She needed to take a shower and do a couple of other things so it was a lot later than I wanted when we left. We got to the pool at 12:10 to see a flood of cars pulling out of the parking lot and a bus sitting by the front door. As we got to the door, a wave of teenagers came out the door, got on the bus and left. We pulled up and Mom went in to find out what was going on. They told her that there had been a swim meet and they were closed for the day. The swim meet had gotten over at 10 minutes after they were scheduled to open (in reality, they probably got done earlier than that because they were dressed and on the bus at 12:10) but they decided not to have people come in so they didn't have the staff to actually open.

Mom was really angry (especially after we got home and found out they are closed almost every weekend in Jan for swim meets) but we were trying to come up with something fun to do with the kids. We got home and all the ideas didn't really work. They were either stuff we do all the time or things I just didn't want to do. She says to me "we should go to Indy" I laughed at her and she jumped on the computer and started looking for rooms while I threw a bag together and packed the DVD players. She got us a room at the Econo-Lodge on Shadeland Ave in Indy (it is kind of old and a little run down but they are in the process of fixing it, it is super cheap and they have a nice pool area) so we grabbed the kids, the bags, and a cooler and hit the road for Indy.

We got in about 4 and let the kids swim for awhile. MT wanted to get out because the air was really cold so I took her back to the room. TB and my mom stayed in the pool for almost 2 hours, until I went and drug them out because MT was claiming starvation and exhaustion. We went and had dinner and came back to the room. In the room, we discovered that we had a whirlpool tub in the bathroom, so we filled it up and let the kids play in it for almost an hour.

Today we got up and went to the Children's Museum. Sadly, they aren't reciprocile to the Orpheum (they aren't to anyone and their membership isn't good anywhere else) but it is worth the admission price! Right now, they have a comic book exhibit complete with the Bat Mobile used in the movies. They have also opened a new dragon exhibit based on the DracoRex Hogwortsia dinosaur skull that was found. Coming in 2 weeks in a Lego Castle exhibit that TB is DYING to go to. They are also opening a new King Tut exhibit over the summer. Because of these new exhibits, the whole second floor was basically closed. They were setting up both the big side rooms and that is about all there is up there. We still managed to have plenty of fun!

They are also doing some major construction outside. The skywalk is closed and the whole front entrance area is a giant construction site. They have little Lego men on all the signs and the banners blocking the fences all have Lego blocks on them. Super cute :)

Then we came home and unpacked and I put the kids to bed and now I'm blogging and watching Rock of Love Bus (they were supposed to be in CU but are in Danville instead :( )


Harley Quinn said...

Yeah, I was pissed about Rock of Love bus. I'm sure they just used the name Champaign because it sounds cool. And did you see Lacey in the Illinois hockey jersey. I'm like take that off hoe before you curse the team. =)

Anyway, sounds like a super fun trip. I'm am excited for all the new stuff coming to the Children's museum. I'll have to take a trip up there this Spring or Summer. Did they say when construction would be done?

Lavender Lemonade said...

Good for you improptu road trip to Indy. Sounds awesome. So the Lego exhibit is in 2 weeks, cool. We'll have to trek over there sometime before #3 arrives.