Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy busy weekend

Friday was FunFest at school. I was part of the planning committee and was getting kind of stressed out toward the end. I had big fears that it wasn't going to go well (as I usually do for these kinds of things). My dad picked the kids up at 2, so I could help set up. I told him "I'll be home between 3:30 and 4, no biggie". At 5, I finally drug myself through the door. Just in time to change clothes (I was FILTHY from cleaning the rooms and setting stuff up) and head back in time for food. The entry way was awfully busy and as it turned out, I was glad we didn't have to mess with eating. Quigs and Looseyfur joined us and we sat with them for a few minutes until X-man decided he needed to go play games and Mr. Quigs got there to help with her kids. Then we went to play games. Some of the rooms were better than others. The Wii room seemed to go pretty well (big sigh of relief since that was my idea) and many of the other rooms were really fun. We ran around all night until 8, when everything closed down. Then the kids came home and spent the night with my mom.

Saturday, we got up and went to the free movie. After that, we had lunch, then I took TB to the kid's photography clinic at the library. He had a good time and came away from it with a lot more questions about how to take better pictures. We spent some time sitting out front on the wall, practicing using shutter speed on the passing cars. He was figuring out how to either freeze motion or pan and blur, which was kind of cool. After that, we decided the weather was too fab to stay home so we went to the park. I put out a call to everyone and Quigs and her fab fam joined us and the kids had a really good time. At least until MT had to pee and I couldn't get Quigs garage door opener to work. then MT Supermanned off the swing and landed on her face. I laughed a little, but then felt bad when she was laying in the dirt crying, picking wood chips out of her mouth. We came home, fed everyone KFC and put the kids to bed early.

Today, I got up and thought that it was nice, we should take the kids to the park. But while we were gone, I wanted to call my FIL and have him and my dad put up the trampoline. I called my mom and found out that my dad was planning to take the motorcycle out and wouldn't be around. I said "screw it" and I called FIL and asked if he would help ME set it up. He said he would and my mom and the kids and I set about cleaning up the yard and figuring out where to put it. We cleaned the yard for about 2 hours, then I started unpacking the parts of the trampoline and my mom and I started the basics of assembly. We didn't get far when MIL and FIL showed up and they started helping. We got the frame assembled (with much cursed and beating involved) and started on stretching out the mat, when my dad finally showed up. We finished setting it up (with more cursing and yelling and fending off the kids who demanded "is it done yet" every 2 minutes). Once it was done, the kids jumped on it and then got the adults involved. MIL and FIL both got on it and then they got me on. I had a really good time but it was kicking my ass! I promised the kids that I would jump with each of them for 5 minutes and after the first 2, I was ready to be done. My brother came over for dinner and had to have a turn and RF jumped on it as soon as he came through the gate.

I got up to get ice cream a little bit ago and it feels like I got beaten with the trampoline, instead of putting it together. Now I'm going to bed and read for a little bit. School for one but not the other tomorrow, which is a little crazy. TB is pretty excited that he gets to hang out here without his sister all morning. :)

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Anonymous said...

I’m exhausted just reading that. I did the absolute minimum all weekend and took full advantage of Tylenol p.m.