Friday, March 6, 2009

Shopper moms

I'm reaching out to you. I'm looking for little big girl dresses (size 5-6x) with short sleeves, not sleeveless. I'm looking mostly for ply type dress, so nothing fnacy, just plain cotton or whatever.

I'm also looking for girl's sport style sandles (something that she can run and play in, tromp around in the mud, etc, nothing white or "pretty") in size 10 1/2 and boys sport type sandles in 12/13

If anyone sees any of those things anywhere in town, could you drop me a comment? I'm having no luck finding anything and it starting to get to the point that I NEED to find these things :)


makeup_girl said...

MT is wearing a 5/6x already? Ella is only in a 5T/5.
I have tons of 4T/4 dresses from last summer...all cotton play dresses. They are Circo brand from Target.

The Fearless Freak said...

5/6 is good for t-shirts and things but she needs at least a 6/6x for dresses because of her long legs. Dresses any smaller than that leave her little butt cheeks hanging out LOL

In reality, we should do two pieces with a shirt and skirt to give her some length but I hate having to match things. If I could get her to wear denim skirts, it would all be ok :)

Misc said...

She wears the same size as Flynn in shirts, but much larger in dresses (Flynn wears a 5).

Old Navy usually has good offerings dress-wise, as does Target. Wal-Mart has Geranimals so everything matches (and it's cute). Same goes for sandals.

purplecow said...

ugh- had a whole big thing an dnow it is gone...alas.

Anyhoo- TCP outlet in Tuscola may have dresses or even Carters- it goes up to 6/6x but no one thinks about it so you can get good deals.

I love ebay- sometimes you can get Hanna's cheap- watch for strange times on endings and I always search for people who misspell Hann Andersson- leave out an S or an N!!

I always make G toss a denim skirt over things- it is so much easier- but Joc won't wear denim either. I would give you G's dresses but Joc is already in them!

Target is awesome too. Search the sales rack at gymboree- can sometimes find good stuff. Of course this all takes time as well....