Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big Lovers

People that watch Big Love, I just finished season 2 on DVD and I'm starting on season 3. I feel like I've seriously missed something. Barb is getting a CAT scan, Niki is working, Margie had the baby, etc. Is this right, am I missing episodes?


~rachel~ said...

was that this season- the most recent? Yeah they skipped a lot- I was kind of mad about it, Marjean was barely pregnant and they come back and the baby is like 6 months.... We love that show- Mike's mom tapes it for us and sends us several episodes at a time, then we have marathons since we don't have HBO. Did you get it at the library?

The Fearless Freak said...

Yeah, season 3. It got a bit better but I still feel like I'm missing so much. On IMDB, there was a show listed as "Big Love: In The Beginning" that I have no idea when it aired, but I'm wondering if it wasn't a mini series (since it was so long between season 2 and 3) that might have explained some stuff.