Friday, July 17, 2009

Evolution of Dance

I've been going to Trivia on Tuesday nights. Last week, there was a category about viral videos. One of the questions was "this video features a guy in an orange Crush t-shirt dancing his way from the 1950s to the 2000s, what is the name of the video?" I didn't do well at the category and I'm glad my brother was with me because he rocked it. He knew that the video was called "Evolution of Dance" The trivia was bagging on it and said that it was lame he didn't know why it was viral so of course I had to come home and watch it. It was actually pretty awesome!

If you haven't seen it, take the 6 minutes involved and watch it. The best part is that he took the time to learn the dances.

He also made a second video, which isn't as long or quite as good as the first. It is still worth watching

Like all good viral videos, this one has some parodies.

This one isn't the best out there but big dudes gettin' down and the Thriller Dance always make me laugh

This is the BEST parody out there. Be sure to stay tuned for YMCA! Of course the end is funny as well.

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Rudy said...

I thought the wedding dance was funny. That big guy reminds me of my brother... who, by the way, can straight dance!