Monday, May 17, 2010

Overheard: Well she sort of reminds me of her

Tonight at dinner, I was telling RF about The Bloggess and how she got in trouble with eBay for trying to sell her cat with her camera that was damaged by ghosts.

MF started acting all weird and freaked out and crying about ghosts. RF told her that there were no such thing as ghosts. She looked at WF and said
Mom was telling Dad that Quigs had a ghost in her house and it BROKE HER CAMERA!
Me: Baby, I wasn't talking about Quigs. I was talking about a lady I don't know who was being funny. She wasn't serious about the ghosts.
MF: Oh, well, ok.

I told RF The Bloggess does sort of remind me of Quigs a little in her humor and writing style but I'm kind of wondering how MF made that leap.

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Quigs78 said...

The cat! I'm the one that has cats that eat her, so she heard 'blog', 'cat', 'crazy super funny', and immediately thought of me. ;)

But I am SO glad you found The Bloggess...she's on my list now and cracks me up. I think she and I would be besties.