Saturday, May 1, 2010

Party Time! Excellent!

Today was Magnificent Freak's birthday party. I know her birthday isn't for two more weeks but we had her party today because, as I may have mentioned, my friend Fearless Phantom, is a freaking genius! We had talked about having MF's party at the movie theater but back in March, I had no idea what was coming out when and I wanted to get it planned. I had pretty much scrapped the idea (as well as FCC since apparently, you have to book it 3-5 months in advance for parties) when FP suggested trying to have the party at the free matinee. I called them and they said not only, "no problem, why can do that" but also said "plus with that amount of people, you'll get a discount on concessions"! Score! Genius, I tell you! So we booked the theater and sent out the invitations and Quigs emailed this idea for a cake. Again, Genius!

It was super easy to make, even for me, and tasted pretty decent. In that email, she also told me that they had movie themed stuff at Michael's in the dollar section. Who even knew that Michael's had a dollar section? Again I must say "Score"! So I got some need popcorn boxes and filled them with tiny cans of pop, microwave popcorn and candy. Goodie bags, done.

We invited 10 kids and their families and ended up with 37 people, 19 of them kids! I got to the theater at 9:30 to be sure that I got enough seats. I took crepe paper and reserved signed and taped off several rows of seats so we could all sit together. My parents came out with the kids at 10:30 and helped save seats so I could wait for the kids in the lobby. As they came in, each kid ordered their drink for their munchie box and FP helped usher them all to their seats. They all did a great job hanging out and watching the movie. While the kids were watching the movie, my parents decorated the party "room".

When the movie was over, the kids all came out to the party room and had cake.


Quigs and Loosey showed up, all sweaty from running a FREAKING MARATHON! The kids got their cool goodie boxes and headed for home (or to run their part of the marathon, in some cases). MF was super excited to get home and open her presents. I was amused that Quigs and Loosey got her the same card. It seems that great minds either think alike or go shopping together LOL


Looseyfur said...

LOL, Xander picked out the card at Target. He also picked out the gift. He, for some reason, was anti mermaid and pro bicycle... hence me attaching the gift receipt. :-)

imarogers said...

Awesome idea for party! And what a great cake. I hope Lizze had an excellent 5th birthday. :)

imarogers said...

Awesome idea for party! And what a great cake. I hope Lizze had an excellent 5th birthday. :)

Quigs78 said...

Target here, too! Go figure. ;)

And the whole party was awesome. You did such a great job! :)

And thanks for being such a good friend that you hugged me when I came in. N didn't even want me to stand next to him because I was so sweaty. :P