Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I seriously spent the whole trip across town tonight trying to come up with a cathy title for this post and I got nothin'. So what you see is what you get

I was thinking tonight about the things technology has changed in my life. Probably the biggest thing I can think of is that I wouldn't have the friends I have now if not for the internet. We are primarily an internet based group and without, I'm not sure we would have stumbled upon each other. Even if we had met, we probably wouldn't have been good friends because I'm not a phone person. I wouldn't have just called them out of the blue to schedule stuff. Of course, now I don't hesitate to call but I wouldn't have gotten to that point without the net.

I also have NO IDEA what I would do without my cell phone. I got my first one when I was 16 and I lived out of town but drove in every day for work. I worked until 10-11 most nights and then had to drive 30 minutes home. My parents got me a cell phone but it was a POS. First of all it was the size of a book (I did not have a bag phone but it was close) and the battery on it was terrible. It would hold a charge for about 5 minutes and then it died. So I had to leave it on the car charger, plugged in all the time. Of course, that didn't work so well when my alternator went out and the car wouldn't start and the phone could be used.

I use my cell phone all the time. We don't have a land line anymore and only once or twice in the last 4 years have I thought that having one would be a good thing. I even have the internet on my cell phone so that I check my email on the go.

Besides that, online banking, online book reservations at the library, online shows, online PTA groups and digital calendars (which RF just figured out how to push to my phone so yay) have done nothing but make life easier.

On the other hand, facebook, email, blogs, bejeweled, etc have create a giant vortex that does nothing but suck away my time. Is the trade off worth it? You bet!


Quigs78 said...

The Pioneer Woman just did a post on this, too. The pros and cons of the internetz. Imagine all of the free time I would have if this laptop wasn't attached to me!

Harley Quinn said...

Thanks for sympathizing with my facebook drama.

See, the internet is what it's all about. Hey!