Monday, February 9, 2009

That action is not affirmative

Today was NAAPID at local schools. This dy irritates me to no end. Where is Asian American parent involvement day? Or Mexican American parents? Or any other sub-group of parents? Isn't it important to have ALL parents involved in schools?

Last year, the school raffled off a bike to to all students whose parent(s) came to school that day. I was so angry about the whole thing last year that I didn't even read anything that came home about it this year so I don't know what was being done.

What about the rest of us that are there all the time? I got a little drawing and a notepad thanking me for my time. And it isn't just me. I'm thinking of people like our PTA president, both past and present, who have put in innumerable hours to make our school a better place. I'm thinking of the parents who are in the classroom, every week, working to make the school better. What about those people?

I've talked to other parents at other schools who said that they made certain to point out that everyone was invited but I didn't see that on anything that came home from our school. I also haven't talked to a parent yet that actually supports this program. Why can't this be promoted as "Parent Involvement Day"? Part of the consent decree complaints are that things are unequal and unfair between the races. The district is spending millions of dollars a year to change the issues that brought about the concent decree (millions of dollars that could be spend on building improvements, increased teacher salaries, more support staff etc) which is all about inequality and then they throw up this HUGE dividing line.


makeup_girl said...

I didn't even know this "day" existed. I wonder how this would work in a school where there are no African Americans, but honor African American Heritage month?

Jennifer said...

WHAT??? Never heard of such a thing.... all parents should be honored not just a certain group???? Crazy political crap - IMO

Mama2SweetBabyJames said...

In theory I like the sentiment of NAAPID, but in reality it is racism. How exactly does this discrimination accomplish anything? Doesn't it just promote inequality to hold events like this?

Unfortunately, it will be hard to find anyone who will speak out against this, for fear of being labeled a racist and bigot.