Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How was school today

That is a pretty standard question in our house. The answer is usually either "fine" or "I'm not telling you", depending on which kid is asked. After the "fine" response, we follow up with various detail questions to get more info from him. These include "how was lunch", "what did you do in Math", "did you go to reading today", etc. Today, he said he didn't go to reading so I asked what he did in his class. He said he worked with Mr. D, the student teacher, who he thinks is AWESOME.

In yet another desperate attempt to extract a tiny bit of info from a very tightly closed mouth, I asked "what did you do with Mr. D for reading?" His response? "We worked on phonemic awareness"

Ah, well then, glad we could have this talk LOL


makeup_girl said...

Ella already dismisses my "what did you do today" questions. Her usual response is, "Um. I can't tell you right now. Maybe tomorrow."

Loquacious said...

You could have a teen, who would tell you (and I QUOTE)


when asked what occurred today.