Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's a nerd alert

When TB was little, probably 18 months or a little younger, Discovery channel premiered "Walking with Dinosaurs". Because he is born from a family of nerds, we watched it on TV. He was mesmerized by it and just stared in awe at the show. When a commercial would come on, he would wonder off and play but came back for more dinosaurs when the show would start back up. He was not a "TV stupor" kid (and still doesn't just WATCH TV, instead he interacts and plays his own things while it is on) so that was pretty amazing. A couple of years ago, I found the DVD and bought it for him for Christmas. He watched it a few times but wasn't as impressed anymore.

Today, we got home from school and he was looking for something to watch while he had his snack and found the DVD. He came running into the kitchen, yelling "look what I found, look what I found! Can I please watch it" Sure, you bet. Walking with Dinosaurs is at least educational and better than Drake and Josh by a long shot. I put it in and he is now sitting on the couch, eating his snack and, aside from occasionally commenting on the things that are happening on screen (like that the baby just got eaten), he is in total "TV stupor".

I'm not sure I have ever seen him so still before in my life! Maybe this is what I need to play at bedtime so he will stay in bed during evening TV time.

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