Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do I?

Do I burn some extra points on some sweet snack? Not that I have any here but when I go to the store later? I'm averaging about 5 points under each day (and I'm not hungry) and I have yet to use any flex points.

WWers out there, suggestion for not so bad for me sweet/chocolate snacks?


~rachel~ said...

the fiber one bars are yummy and taste like cookies. Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, McD's ice cream cone.

I think you better start eating more points :)

The Fearless Freak said...

But I'm not hungry. I'm eating outrageously large amounts of veggies so I'm getting full for no points.

I'm just looking for something sweet right now. I've been eating starbursts which are good, but this time I'm thinking chocolate. :)

~rachel~ said...

you know chocolate chips aren't too bad (assuming you don't eat a whole bag...)

I melt like 2 T. and dip pretzels in it- soo good. I think I saw it in a WW book. I've also melted it with a little peanut butter and that's good too.

debra said...

hmm... melt some chocolate chips and dip strawberries in it. That sounds supremely good to me :)

Gnightgirl said...

sugar free, fat free dark chocolate pudding with low-fat coolwhip usually tides me over.