Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wild Weekend

Yesterday morning, I went to Weight Watchers at 8:15. There, I found out that I lost 5.8 pounds and I was crazy excited. The leader asked if she could give me my 5lb star during the meeting and I said "are you kidding me, I'm screaming this one from the rooftops"! LOL Incidentally, I need to mention that I thought those little rewards were kind of lame. I mean a ball of name tags or a little fuzzy flower? Lame, really really lame. That is, until I got them. I got a 5lb star, a little bravo star for walking 3 miles on Monday and the baby biggest loser flower. I was outrageously excited to get those things, which is just a little sad.

After my meeting, I ran home and picked up the kids to go to our post-Easter egg hunt. Loosey is a genius for scheduling this like she did. First because it wouldn't conflict with the million other egg hunts that go on in town and second because everything was on clearance. The kids had a great time. Loosey did a fab job of roping off areas of the yard and separating the big kids from the little kids. MT was a little angry when she was done getting eggs and saw that the other half the yard was still full of them. She was able to be distracted by a cookie and quickly got over it :) TB ended up with the big prize egg, which had a Cars car in it.

We came home and sorted through their eggs and then headed to the Biology open house on campus. Originally, MT was supposed to stay home with my mom but because my aunt was in town she couldn't. I promised her that there would be a real crab, like Mr. Krabs and she decided she wanted to go. I lucked into parking just across the street from the building but it was near the back door (apparently, nothing said that) so we had to wonder around for awhile because there were no signs telling us where to go. We finally found someone that had a Biology shirt on who directed us to the right place. They got to see a baking soda and vinegar volcano, extract DNA from a strawberry, dig for fossils, hold and pet real crabs, and attempt to make their own ice cream. MT was much more interested in holding the crabs than TB was. He poked at them, but wouldn't hold them.

We came home and the kids played outside for awhile, then MT came downstairs, asked to lay down with a blanket and promptly fell asleep. After she woke up, we had dinner. My aunt and uncle are visiting and when they come down, he always gets steak and grills it for dinner one night. Last night was the night. I knew it was coming so I saved my points so I could have steak and a baked potato. I was little sad that I couldn't have a second baked potato because I didn't save that many points. I was going to have some popcorn to finish off my points, but I was too tired to actually make it so I passed and went to bed.

This morning we got up and I took TB to see Hotel For Dogs. It was cuter than I expected but it was a Nick movie so it wasn't stellar cinema.

After that, we went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch. I was good, only having the salad bar. Apparently, everyone else was super starved so by the time I ate my one small plate, they were done so it was time to go.

After lunch, my mom and I took MT and TB to the library. TB wanted to go to the Pokemon club. My mom took MT and entertained her for awhile. I sat with TB and tried to figure out the rules of the game and I'm fairly certain so that if I really tried to understand it, my head would explode! There are so many rules and special exceptions and conditions and all kinds of stupid nonsense. However, he was in hog heaven and the guy that runs it is very helpful. He spent a lot of time helping TB figure out strategy and learn some of the rules.

When we left the library and headed for brain awareness day at Lincoln Square. They had several brain themed stations set up, including one where you could make a play-doh brain. They also had a giant ant farm, showing how they work as a collective brain, they had a sea slug that you could hold (MT did TB wouldn't). But the big hit of the day was holding the REAL brains. They had real human brains out for the kids to see and touch. MT picked it up, hefted it, showed it to me, talked about it, etc. TB poked at it, looked at it and said he was done. MT can't wait to go to school tomorrow to tell the kids she got a hold a brain. TB doesn't want to talk about it.

When they had their fill of brains, we went to Target to buy him a Pokemon deck so he doesn't have to borrow one again next week. We came home from there and I helped him sort his cards and MT watched TV.

Then we went to dinner at Monical's. I was STARVING but I knew we were going to be there so I saved plenty of points for running wild. The problem was, when dining with my aunt and uncle and other uncle, one should never plan on eating in ay kind of a timely fashion. It forever to order their food, just like it always does. This was even at a restaurant that offers a gluten free option. I went with the foot long turkey sub, no mayo, one bread stick, a dab of cheese (thanks Quigs for looking up those points for me) and a big salad. I'm very full but I ended up 2 points under for the day, even with that big dinner.

We came home and the kids played for about 5 minutes before MT melted down completely and asked to come in the house and watch TV. As soon as her show was over, she crashed and now I'm sitting here on the couch, deciding whether I want to do a little scrapbooking of if I just want to go to bed. I'm worn out and I'm thinking bed might win.


Quigs78 said...

My kids were totally grossed out by the brains - and they didn't even understand what they were. They were fascinated by the ants, though. We had to go see them twice.

And I love that you love the WW rewards. :)

Looseyfur said...

Okay, I'm exhausted just reading your blog!