Monday, April 6, 2009

I've been thinking

I've been thinking about doing something "more" with my time. Lots of my friends have work from home jobs or volunteer posts or other things besides tending the house and the kids, full time. Working really isn't an option, until MT is in school full time and even then I'm not sure. There are so many things that go on at school that I want to be part of, that I couldn't if I worked a regular job. Plus, I'm insistent that I be home in the afternoon with the kids. Fortunately, my ECE education lends itself pretty well to that kind of alternative schedule. Still, not the right time for all that yet.

Volunteering would be something to consider but I don't really want all that commitment. Last year, I spent a lot of time in TB's classroom and by the end of the year, I was completely burning out doing it. Going in each week was drudgery and I don't want to feel that way about something that is supposed to be good.

I really want something I can do at home that doesn't require a ton of time. I would like to do some kind of writing or something. Maybe a monthly newsletter or product reviews or something. I write my "Freaky Travels" blog and I really like doing that. However, I just can't afford to travel far and wide enough to make it be what I want it to be. I could expand it to general product reviews or TV show reviews or something but I don't know what kind of readership there is for that.

I read The Full Mommy and want to do something like that. Anyone know of any review sites that are looking for contributers? Or groups that need newsletters written? I promise to proofread and spell check better than I do here :)

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libbygirl said...

Tory does reviews at Epinions. You get a certain amount of money based on the number of reviews that you do. Might be something to look into.