Thursday, May 21, 2009

Check out the package on that one

I can't wait to see what kind of referrals I get from that title :)

MT's birthday was last weekend and she got a lot of really fun presents from her friends and family. She has really enjoyed playing with all her stuff but I have a complaint to make about most all of them. No, they weren't too loud or needed batteries or covered in lead based paint. No, no, they were all packed in pounds of packaging and were practically welded to the boxes. She got a cute Barbie pool and while Nonni was putting it together, I thought I would start opening some of the LPS stuff because one was a bath set and I thought they could go in the pool too. Instead, it took me longer to open the LPS bath set and get all of the pieces out and unraveled from the stretchy cords that were choking them than it did for my mom to put together the pool. That didn't take into account the LPS beach set or the Barbie that went with the pool, which each also took forever to open.

MT really enjoyed the toys and she says the animals had fun in the pool so it was worth untangling them but, holy cow, what a pain.

In all honesty, I'm not that "green" of a person. It takes time and money and energy and I just don't have an over abundance of any of those things and my issue with excess packaging is simply from a convenience stand point. But even being un-green, I can still see how much impact the sheer amount of stretchy ties tossed every year has on the environment.

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