Thursday, May 7, 2009

Strange Mother's Day gifts

I had intended to blog about the Mother's Day gift MT made at school but I never got the picture scanned (which you HAVE to see because it is so cute) and before I could get around to it, I got a new follower on Twitter. I remain curious how some of these people find me and what key words I'm using that clue them to follow me (this one made sense, it was parenting but I'm still curious). Anyway, I went to check them out and the one and only post was a gift buying guide for LINGERIE for Mother's Day.

Ok, first of all, if your kids are getting you this stuff, there is something way wrong with the WHOLE picture! Considering, they include lingerie buying tips for guys, I'm assuming they are targeting dads getting it for their wives. Again, I'm bothered because I don't think that dads should be getting their wives presents for Mother's Day. Helping the kids pick out presents? Sure. Buying a gift from the family? Fine. Buying your wife lingerie? Not so much.

I've wracked my brains trying to think of ONE of my friends that would want $100 (minimum, some of the stuff was as much as $400) underwear, instead of almost anything else, for Mother's Day. I mean think of all the pedicures you could get for $100! Not that I want a pedicure either. RF bought me a new telephoto lens for my camera, which made me very happy!

In case this idea doesn't disturb you, here the video with the buying guide


debra said...

So... lingerie is not a gift that thanks your wife for being a mom to your children... its a gift that is begging for sex and, really, who wants THAT for mothers day? Okay, so maybe I would be okay with the sex part but not $400 underwear... There are many better things to spend $400 on, for sure.

Quigs78 said...

We don't get gifts for each other for Mother's or Father's Day. We decided to wait until the kids are old enough to pick something out/make something themselves.