Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chicago Mother's Day

We went up to Chicago this weekend for a couple of events. Last fall, we were supposed to go to Kiddieland but my mom broke her foot and was put in a cast about 5 days before we were supposed to leave. We ended up passing on it and promised the kids that we would take them in the spring. There is also a pirate exhibit at the Field Museum and, if you know me at all you know, I wouldn't miss a pirate themed anything LOL

Before we left, I went to Weight Watchers and found I lost 2.4 pounds. Yay me! I'm at 9 pounds total, which averages to 3 pounds a week. That is acceptable to me, I just gotta keep it up.

Once I got home, I was working on loading the van and as I was shutting the gate, I didn't get out the way in time and managed to smash it down on my face. I'm fairly certain I broke my nose but I didn't have time to deal with it then. It feels a little bit better as long as I don't touch. If I could just get the headache that accompanied it all weekend to go away, I'd be ok.

Anyway, we headed for Chicago to Kiddieland. I'll be reviewing it later for real but basically, it is a little amusement park. The kids both had a really good time. The Boy was big enough to ride everything by himself. Ms. Thang needed me to ride some of the stuff with her but mostly she could ride by herself. It was kind of cold and overcast, but I think it kept some of the crowds down. In fact, it was so slow that we could just walk on the rides. In most cases, they would let the kids stay on each ride and ride it agai.

They both LOVED the roller coaster and we rode it over and over and over

They both also really liked the "Frog Hopper" TB rode it on and off several times. MT got on and stayed on for 30 minutes. I sat next to it and read my book



Today, we went to the Field Museum. They had a pirate exhibit that I really wanted to see. It was a little disappointing because it was all looking and reading (which I was fine with but the kids were unimpressed) and we ended up kind of speeding through it. There were also no pictures allowed in the exhibit. However, I took one of the actual treasure from the wreck the exhibit was about on the sly :)


We also saw Sue, the biggest, most complete T-Rex ever.



TB asked why the museum had to be so lame but also said it was his favorite part of the trip. :)

Now we are home and very tired. Next trip is going to be in either June or July, so we have some time before the next one :)


Quigs78 said...

Sounds like a fun trip! We might have to check out Kiddieland later this year. I wonder if Santa's Village is still open...

I was kinda disappointed that your nose wasn't all big and bruised in the picture. :P I hope it feels better soon! (And uh, you may want to see a doctor.)

The Fearless Freak said...

I don't think it is. My mom wanted to take the kids last year and I think she said it had closed.

And yeah, the nose looked a lot better than I expected it to. It is a little swollen and has a small scrape on the bridge and is a bit bruised, up close, but I'm breathing ok, I just have one hell of a headache.

However, I would absolutely swear I heard something crunch when it hit me in the face. Seconds before I hit the ground from the pain. Although, I couldn't have been too hurt because my first thought was "Thank God no one saw that, I looked like an idiot" LOL