Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday filler

Rogers asked what voice lived in my head. The voice that lives in my head is a complete OCD perfectionist. It wants labels and time tables and "a place for everything and everything in it's place" That is not how the voice outside my head sees things and since she is a bitch, she wins. However, to try and instill some order to this chaos we live in, I'm working on cleaning my house. Each day, I plan to clean off one flat surface (you may remember the dirty housewife pictures a few months ago) each day and I'm sorting one toybox each. Any toys that are broken are getting tossed. Anything that is missing parts is getting tossed. Anything that is decent, we just have too many of or don't play with or whatever is going to the CARE swap. Looseyfur, keep your eyes open for a big box o' crap to show up at your house one day :)

TB is going to cheer camp. It is being sponsored by one of the high schools and he decided to do it (after first questioning what, exactly, cheerleaders are supposed to do). We signed him up so he will go to the camp on Sunday the 14 and cheer at half of the football game on Friday the 19th.

I started reading The Other Boleyn Girl for book club. I didn't read our last book because it sounded stupid (after listening to the discussion about it, I'm so glad I didn't waste my time, I would have hated it). I thought the same thing about this book but Quigs read it and suggested that I try it because it was pretty good. So far, I have to agree. It is a little dirty and pretty funny at times :)

I have been super impressed with the last couple of meals I've made. I made a meatloaf the other night (Quigs and Loosey, let me know what you think) and I thought it was really good. Then tonight, I made kabobs and the meat was some of the best I've had. I LOVE Old Time Meat and Deli for my meat. There is a new meat store that has opened up closer to me and I keep thinking about trying it but I really like OTMD and can't bring myself to try switching.

I have to go to the farmer's market tomorrow. I don't know what I'm going to get because my mom came home with a huge bag of tomatoes, which is generally what I buy the most of. I do need some green beans (aka crack, which despite assurances otherwise, I like much better than sugar snap peas) and if I take the van, I'll get a watermelon. If I take the scooter, I'll have to pass on it because there is no way to get it home. I'll also probably pass on the corn because I'm tired of it nearly going bad before I can use it. I'll pick that up at the farmer's market over here

TB is losing his teeth. His front bottom ones are are loose. One is super loose ( a few days to a week at the outside before that one is gone) and the other is a little loose. I have been cutting corn off the cob for 2 weeks for him because he can't eat it. But I stupidly didn't think of that and sent him and apple to school for lunch today. I felt a little bad that he couldn't eat it but I did tell him that I will cut them up for him in the future

Speaking of apples, I am ready for the Best Apple Ever. They come out right after TB's birthday and I'm on the waiting list but damn I want them now!

My throat hurts. I think it is allergies but in any case, it is a pain. I'm tired of downing Tylenol all the time.


Jennifer said...

I've given you an award today! Come see at my blog.

Happy Friday :-) err... Saturday!

libbygirl said...

I would love to see you riding down the road trying to balance a watermelon on your lap. How much is the tooth fairy going to give TB when he looses his tooth? I am just curious as to what the going rate is these days. I am sure that it is not a quarter anymore.

The Fearless Freak said...

Rf says a quarter, I say a dollar. My mom is trying to tell him that it is $5 for the first and then a dollar for each after that :)