Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Batman

Mommy Schiff has a post about her kids being various fictional characters. TB went through this phase but he was never really attached to anyone name. He used his when he would get in trouble and I would say "TB, quit jumping on the couch. "I'm not TB, I George of the Jungle" jump jump jump "Dude, I so don't care who you are, get off the couch!"

MT, on the other hand, is quite attached to her alter ego. She is Batman. She will insist that she be called Batman, no matter whether it is to get out trouble or if you are just chatting with her. She is so insistant about it that she asked her preschool teachers to call her Batman. The teacher sort of smiled at her and shrugged so I don't know if they do or not but she hasn't complained about it so eithr they are or she hasn't thought to freak about it :)

Everytime she claims to be Batman, I can't help but think of this commercial. I used to LMAO about it before (Snickers had some really great commericials during that era), but now it is that much more funny. :)

I'm Batman

For whatever reason, the video won't imbed so click the link to see what I'm talking about


Quigs78 said...

Figures. I go to watch it, and they're performing site maintenance. I'll watch it later and return to make some witty comment about it soon.

makeup_girl said...

LOL. I've never seen that one!

Mommy Schiff said...

Omg! So hilarious!

I've never seen that one either!