Tuesday, September 9, 2008

They're kind of a big deal

I'm a little wierded out by random boys coming up to my daughter, calling her by name and telling her hi. Today wasn't that big of a deal, it was one of the boys from school so I expected him to know her but yesterday was different story. A little boy, out of the blue, walked up to her and said "Hi MT" and then walked away. She claims not to know him, although I wonder if he isn't in her preschool class. Still a little strange LOL

And not to be outdone, a conversation with The Boy today.
*jumps in the van after school, slams the door shut and yells "hit it mom"
me: mmkay
him: and lock the doors
me: why?
him: because
me: ok, whatever. *accelerates letting the doors lock themselves*
him: I wanted you to lock the doors in case any of those boys jumped over the fence and grabbed the door handle and tried to open the door
me: ok, why would they do that?
him: to talk to me. I think they have made a fan club about me
me: ok


Misc said...

It's like he's The Beatles or something. After I read this I immediately had the opening sequence of "A Hard Day's Night" going through my head. :-)

Looseyfur said...

What do you expect, you gave birth to freaking Batman and an uber cool jedi. I mean really...

Quigs78 said...

Didn't I post a comment on Loosey's blog recently about starting a Freak Family Fan Club?

I wonder if we could merge TB's fan club into mine...

Evan said...

as long as there is cool free stuff involved, im all for it.