Friday, January 11, 2008

Comic promotion

Many of you know how much I like puns. Case in point, C was making a nest with a friend at school and the boy was using sticks and leaves and C said "Hey I'm going to use rocks in my nest" and I responded with "hey, that rocks" LOL

Ryan Sias writes a 3 times a week comic called Silent Kimbly that is nothing but puns. Family friendly, cute, generally funny. I suggest if you need a chuckle you check him out here

This is one of my favorite comics of his for you to enjoy :)



Monique said...

LOL, that's cute! Thanks for the laugh! Have a great day! :-)

April said...

LMAO remember when you were working at CDG and Evan just had his Lasik procedure done and they sent a goody basket to you at work with a giant eye cookie in it? And remember how every time I referred to myself I pointed to the eye cookie? Ha ha ha. I'm sure you know how much "eye" appreciate this kind of humor! :)