Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mom's email fix

A radio station I listen to does a segment called the "Mix Email Fix" Something with our phones doesn't agree with the radio station and we can't call them, for anything. So I never get to give my opinion on these or win call in contest or anything like that. Since I can't give my opinion on the radio (and we all know I have one, about everything), you, my faithful and loyal readers, get to read about it here. Feel free to weigh in if you have an opinion as well :)

Today's problem was a woman recently got married but had been lying to her fiance about her age all along. She has been claiming to be 28, when in reality she is 38! Big difference there. She wanted to know what she should do now that things were going to be long term.

My opinion is that she needs to tell him, like yesterday about it, but needs to be prepared for the possibility that he might leave because of it. If you have lied the entire you have been together about something as basic as age (and not just a year or two, but 10 years!), what else have you been lying about? The world may never know.

Stay tuned for further installments, as the topic interests me :)


Jenna said...

That is hilarious. Don't you think it would have come up before...like when you filled out the marriage certificate...or when you talked to her family.

I'd like to see how that one turns out.

Keep 'em coming.

What program is it?

Mom said...

That's what I thought. It seems like if you have been with someone long enough to be getting married, the subject of age ight have come up. The people calling in were more concerened about her health should they every chose to have kids than the fact that she has been lying all this time.

It is the morning show on 94.5. They have people email in their problems for listener input and then pick one email each Tuesday morning to read on the air. Then people call in and give advice. Some of the stuff is super funny (I'm getting married and my best friend is a former model, would it be ok for me to ask her not to be in the wedding so she doesn't look better than me on my big day) and some is stupid, like this one.