Friday, January 18, 2008

Boy, the things you can get at the library

Some of my local readers know that we have a new library and it is BEAUTIFUL. I've always thought we had a pretty decent library system, getting me nearly anything my heart desires. Now we have a shiny new building to go along with it. Side note, they are tearing down the old building and you can hang out on the second floor of the new building and watch the destruction. According to my sources, they are recycling everything so they tear down a hunk and then sort the piles according to material. With the opening of the new library, now not only can you get books, movies, and music, you can also rent video games. They have a fairly small collections (about 35 games for each system) but it is a new thing so I'm sure they will get more as time goes on.

This morning, dropping C off at school, I found out another service the library offers. The conversation went something like this.

Me: come along minions

C: we aren't minions. Moms don't get minions, only queens get to have minions.

Me: Well if you aren't my minion, how am I supposed to take over the world?

C: I don't know, maybe you could do it by yourself

Me: Nah, that will never work. Where could I get minions if you two won't do it?

Lizzie: The library!

Me: but those would be borrowed minions and I would have to take them back so someone else could use them

C: Guess you would have to work fast then, huh?


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Ros said...

Wah hah hah, he sure is your kid. :-)