Monday, January 7, 2008

The things you learn

C lost his Legend of Zelda game for his ds :( He is trying to replace it with his own money but doesn't have a ton to spend. I've been looking around eBay for something that is in his price range, but I'm not having much luck. I posted to CUBUYSELLTRADE asking if anyone had one for sale since that would mean we wouldn't have to pay shipping. I also decided to take a look at Craig's List and see if I could find anything. Nothing was there, but I decided to post a wanted ad for it and see if we get anything. Never hurts to try. While I was posting the wanted ad, I saw a link for posting "gigs" little odd jobs and things that people have around the area. That got me curious about what kinds of things people wanted done so I found the area of the site and was looking around at it. One of the catagories for gigs was "adult" Well know I was really curious. It is about what you would expect, "models" stippers, escorts, etc. There was also an area for "adult movie stars" Call me naive, but I always wondered how people get into the porn industry. I generally assumed that it was people who desperately wanted to act and failed in traditional Hollywood movies. I always assumed it was a last resort type thing, not something people actually sought out as a job. Interesting.

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