Friday, February 15, 2008

American Graffiti

I've been listening to this soundtrack for 20 years, maybe longer. I found an old tape of my Dad's when I was a kid and listened to it until the tape fell apart. A few years later, my parents got me the CDs for my birthday, which was promptly put into heavy rotation in my CD collection. I haven't listened to it for awhile (I haven't listened to many of my CDs in the past 10 years) but recently, I was looking through my CDs and ended up ripping most of them to my MP3 player. Since I've been walking, I've been listening to the AG soundtrack again and I realized that I have never seen the movie. So I got it from the library and I'm terribly sad to say that I now know why I haven't seen it :(

I'm watching it now and I've watched half of it and aside from the soundtrack (which, obviously, I was well aware was stellar), it doesn't have too many redeeming qualities. They way too old guy (every group has one, who else is going to buy the beer) with the way too young girl is kind of funny. The nerd jumping the gun at the light got a giggle and that is about it. The Ron Howard/Richard Dreyfuss story line is dead BORING.

The other thing I'm really surprised about is the rating. Personally, I don't care but I'm really surprised that it only got a PG rating with language like "bullshit" and "god damn", not to mention all the raunchy sex talk.

I've invested this much time in it so I will probably finish watching it but it movie won't rank anywhere near the soundtrack (unlike Grease, which movie and soundtrack both rank highly).

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