Sunday, February 17, 2008

Roller Skating, Music and Meatloaf

Talk about diverse, huh?

C and I went skating today. He did it in PE a few months and at the family skate wrap up party, seemed to have some apptitude at it. So we put him in lessons for the last month and he is doing really well. Now, we are trying to commit to going a couple of times a month (bare minimum once a month) so that he can keep practicing. I like to skate and I used to do it all the time but life got in the way (like with everything else) and I hadn't been in 10 years prior to the wrap up party a few months ago. Since then, I have been 3 times in 3 months. Normally, the music SUCKS something fierce. Used to be when I went, even if I didn't like all the music at least I had heard it. Not the case now. Today, I was pleasantly surprised that the music had about a 1:5 for bad songs to good. Typically, it is 10:1 so I think Sunday might be the day that we go since it is more fun when the music is at least stuff I've ever heard.

Speaking of music, Mix had a commercial that said "all the varity of your iPod, without all the download fees" and I was thinking "yeah right. When you play Patsy Cline, followed by Snoop Dogg, followed by Nickleback, then we will talk all the variety of my iPod" LOL I have eclectic tastes to say the very least :)

I'm making meatloaf for dinner tonight. I love meatloaf but it is such a pain to make. I had almost everything in the bowl to mix and went ot get the crackers out of the cabinet, only to find myself an empty box :( Fortunately, my mom had some I could borrow. The other issue is having to wash your hands all the time. Every time I would mix it and then need to add something, I would have to wash my hands. I seriously washed my hands 5 times in the space of 15 minutes. I'm all for cutting down on the spread of germs but that is a little excessive. :) The meat is is now cooking and soon the house will smell really good, though so I'll go put some lotion on and just deal with it. :)

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