Monday, February 11, 2008

The haps

Lots going on. C finished roller skating lessons and has requested a roller skating b-day party (nothing like planning for the future LOL). I'm planning to take him a couple of times a month so he can keep practicing. He is also COMPLETELY obsessed with Star Wars. This is from Lego Star Wars. We got this for the Xbox and after playing all 6 episodes, he decided he needed to see all the movies. We are doing "milkshake and a movie" night on Weds and seeing all the episodes, starting with 1 and working towards 6. I haven't ever seen all the movies either so he is excited that I get to see it for the first time with him. He has also started collecting action figures from the movies, so yay, more toys.

Lizzie starts shake and make in a few weeks and she is really excited. She has been so sad since we didn't get into Wiggles and Giggles. She keeps asking when she gets to go to her "school" again. Other than that, she hasn't had a lot going on.

I've been working at the school with the K-3 reading program, which is 100% not as advertised. We were told that it would be a mentoring type program with one or two kids and focused reading instruction. Instead it is 9 kids (on the big day, only 6 the other day). What ends up happening is 1 or 2 kids are paying attention andthe others are laying on the floor or playing with the globe or picking at the carpet and completely not paying attention. I spend more time saying "guys, if you aren't going to pay attention, you'll have to go back to your class" than I do actually doing anything with them. I did stop doing the Wed group, which I feel kind of bad about but I don't enjoy the large group aspect of it. I don't feel like I'm doing any good when only one or two (that seem to already know the material and I wonder why they are in the group) are even getting the information.

Other than that, I've been walking nearly everyday for the last two weeks, no weight lost but I find I'm walking faster and working harder so I must be getting healthier.

As to my other goal of not being so poor, I haven't done the best job of not just spending money, but I'm doing better. I quit just hanging out at Target, which has helped. I need to stop "running by Meijer" for things since every time I go in, I spend $50. It is always stuff I need, but when I say "I'm going to get Jello", there is no need to come out with 5 bags of stuff. I need to do my shopping all at once and just quit going more than once. However, with our taxes, I'm going to pay off my van and then my student loan and that will help a ton!

That is really all, been watching the last season of Gilmore Girls, trying to keep up on the housework, and planning the games for Funfest (which is another thing I'm so not thrilled about but that is another post altogether) and just trying to keep my head above water.

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Jenna said...

Pay off your student loans! How exciting! I hope to have them paid off by the time our youngest starts college.

Don't go to the store! That is what I do. My hub wanted to run by Meijer today for 'a few things'. I said all we need is milk and that can wait until I do our big trip tomorrow. Try to wait it out. Stock up on things when they are on sale (not when you need them) so when you need something it is already in the house. We don't run to the store as much and we buy most things on sale. This method saved us $100-200/month.

I do 1-on-1 literacy tutoring at my kid's school. That is the best way and I love it!