Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun Fest

I'm so glad it is over! It actually turned out fairly well and not the flaming disaster I was imagining. We ended up with enough volunteers, the games got set up, mostly without a hitch (I was in the middle of setting up a game this afternoon when Lizzie melted down and I just had to leave. They were finishing up setting it up when I came back to eat), the food was good (well as good as hot dogs and chips can be LOL) and it seemed like the Wii raffle was huge hit.

We went around upstairs and did the games that Lizzie could do then head downstairs to do the sand candles (As a side note, Noodles and Company was supposed to come and do a craft for us but called this afternoon and cancelled, leaving us hanging for a second craft) When we got in there, my friend MJ was alone trying to take tickets, monitor the sand, clean up messes, label the jars with names and pour the wax to actually make them candles. I ended up staying and helping her because there was no way she could do it all herself. She was already several candles behind and had only been doing it for my 15-20 minutes. Fortunately, my mom was there and took the kids and let them do their thing while I helped out. (I told my mom that is sort of the thing they expect the chairperson to do but because it was MJ, I would have helped anyway, since I wouldn't ditch a friend like that) Honestly, we could have used one more volunteer but we took what we could get. Her friend R showed up later to help and she ended up monitoring the tables while I took tickets and labelled jars. Eventually the kids and my mom showed up and the kids were ready to go. There happened to be another game committee member in the room at the time and I begged her to label while I went and rustled up some help. I ran into the volunteer coordinator in the hall and asked who I could have. She directed me to the boyscouts so I grabbed one and drug him back make candles. :)

Poor boyscouts, I was busting their chops all night. They were doing the fishing game and they, despite having 2 poles, were doing it one kid at a time, which was taking forever. I suggested that, maybe, since there were 4 of them in the room, they put 2 kids behind the screen and two handling tickets and get it going 2 at a time, to move things along. Then I suggested that they move the line so that most of the kids were in the room waiting, instead of halfway down the hall. It wasn't that they were that busy but a lot of people walked on by because the line LOOKED really long in the hall. Then I took the kid from the nice sedate "ring a pop" game and threw him into chaos. I was even a little overwhelmed by how many people were in the room and I'm used to kids and things. I went back after we rounded up all of our stuff to pick up the kid's candles and he looked more than a little stressed out. I wouldn't be surprised if her never volunteers for anything else in his life after tonight LOL

I'm anxious to hear feedback compared to last years but I'll have to wait, probably until the next PTA meeting for that.

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