Saturday, March 1, 2008

Free movie start this weekend

I saw the flyer today at McDonald's and they started this weekend. We are going to see Shrek tomorrow, despite having seen it once in the theaters and having the DVD. :) C wants to see several of them and Lizzie is really interested in seeing "The Water Force" (because, despite repeatedly telling her, she won't believe that it is "Water HORSE" lol) and "Bee Movie"


Jenna said...

Just be warned...they are free but they add a lot of time with beginning commercials, etc. and at least 1 intermission (everyone buy more popcorn!). They also seem to have a lot of technical problems with the free films. But hey they are FREE!

Get there early to the more popular movies as well.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting this. We love going to them! :)