Monday, March 24, 2008

The laundry pile of DOOM!!

Good Lord, it seems like all I did was laundry today!! Lizzie had a little bit of diarrhea last night which caused her to poop in her bed. I don't change sheets in the middle of the night so I took her to the bathroom and then had her get in my bed. A couple of hours later, she ended up peeing in my bed. I was irritated (it was only 7 am and my last day to sleep in before spring break is over) but tried to make the best of it, because my sheets really did need changed. While I was trying to strip the beds, she got mad that I wouldn't go with her to the bathroom and while she was straining during her temper tantrum, managed to poop on the floor. :( Got her settled in the bathroom and cleaned up the floor and got Evan up to sit with her while I finished with the sheets. Finally got the sheets started washing, then ran around getting my grocery list together. By the time we all got dressed, got the first loads of sheets in the dryer and the second in the washer, she had gone 2 or 4 more times so we decided that she would stay home with Daddy and C and I would hit the store.

We went to Meijer and I found a swimsuit (finally, I take forever to find new suits because I'm so picky, and fat) and I finally found a pair of workout pants that I liked and weren't crazy expensive. Then we hit the half priced Easter candy and finally got down to shopping. Even though I forgot 3 or 4 things (despite having a list), it wasn't too bad. Then we went to Target because it is the only place I could find the hair gel I like. I had 3 things on my list, couldn't find any of them and still managed to spend $10. We had to hit the Easter clearance there too and C got a stuff Darth Vader for half price. Since I got him that, I had to get Lizzie something and ended up picking out a stuffed Pooh Bear. We also picked up some eggs for our playgroups egg hunt next weekend (yay for doing things after the holiday so we can get clearance items. I'm fairly certain I saw Missy but she was missing a kid and she looks taller in her picture so I wasn't sure enough to talk to her. I'm lame like that :)

We came home, got everything put away(and laundry transferred around) and went to the library to return a boat load of books and pick up a few more. Then we picked up my brother and went bowling. He likes to go and C has a good time so we try to arrange a time during school breaks. We had planned to go and have lunch and then Lizzie and I were going to head home while the boys bowled. We walked in and Lizzie said "Can I go bowling, please!?" I told her no, I didn't think so and she said "but please, I NEED to go bowling and wear bowling shoes" It turned out the smallest size shoe they had fit her perfectly so I gave in :) We ate and the "kids" bowled and then we hit the meat store (Old Time Meat and Deli) for hamburger and then took Dave home and came home. I made the beds, told Lizzie she had to take a rest, even if she didn't sleep and did some more laundry. Then C asked me to help him play "Super Paper Mario" for the Wii so we did that for a bit.

Then I made a meatloaf, did some more laundry and got ready to go to playgroup. Lizzie did nap so we left as soon as she woke up, right after I put the meatloaf in the oven. We played at the church and came home with dinner almost done. I did another load of laundry and we ate then the kids went and played at Nonni's while I cleaned the kitchen and made a peanut butter pie. Then it was finally time for bed so we did that, and I put the LAST load of laundry in the washer. Now, I'm watching trashy tv and getting ready to do some tagging ACDSee, waiting for my pie to be done and then getting ready to head for bed myself :)


Greg said...

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Misc said...

Carrie, yes that was me at Target! Flynn was at school and Evan was out that day (his school takes Easter Monday off). Wish you would've said hi. :-)

I like that my picture makes me look tall. Nobody's ever said that about me before.

And congrats on finding a swim suit in town!

As for outfitting a "fashion "forward" girl, I usually have to get Flynn's approval for what she's going to wear the night before. Thank God she'll be wearing a uniform next year!