Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Good Friday

We started out the day by going on a "homeschool" tour of the library. Funny thing about that, at least 3 (possibly more since I don't know the other kids) of the kids at the tour are in public school. I wasn't terribly impressed with it because she started out with a full on story time, which took almost 45 minutes. Followed by a quick 15 minute, "these are fiction books, these are non fiction, these are magazines, etc" tour and we went to lunch. C requested Ruby Tuesday's so we went there. When we were done with that, I had to run a couple of errands then we were going to go home and play in the yard. By the time we got those 2 things done, it had started to rain just a little bit so we decided to go somewhere indoors. C requested FCC, which I fortunately remembered was closed because of the holiday BEFORE I drove out there. We ended up going to McDonald's where there were a few kids to play with. The kids weren't having the best time because some of the kids weren't playing so well. By then, it had quit raining so we came home and did play in the yard.

I sat at the picnic table and finished my book (I've had 20 pages to finish for 4 freaking days and couldn't manage to get through them) while the kids played. Just after I finished the book (FINALLY), C brought me a stump of a bush to show me the cool worms he found.

Not so quick backstory. When we rented this place, the previous tenants hadn't done anything to the yard for the entire time they lived here (except, possibly planting and cultivating a pot garden). The bushes were completely overgrown. They were 6 feet tall and a double row all the way around the back yard. Our landlords bought the place and while they were fixing up the inside, they let us come in and do what we wanted to the yard. That involved cutting all the bushes as low to the ground as we could get them. The first summer we were here, the yard was nearly unusable because of all the mosquitos and other bugs that stirred up. Every year since then, when we mow, we try to knock out a few more of the stumps and keep what is still there nearly at ground level. All but one on one side is gone and about half of the back ar gone. That means we can just mow any new growth and not have to worry about it.

Anyway, C managed to kick over one of the stumps that is left. That interested me so I went out to see if any others were loose. I started kicking at them and having a lot of luck knocking them out of the ground. After I knocked out a few, we decided to get some tools to help and see what all we could get out. We ended up pulling a bunch of them out, including some stubborn ones that required the encouragement of a crow bar. We now only have 4 stumps left along the back fence. 2 of them are loose and if someone stronger than me went out there and kicked the tar out of them for a few minutes, they would come out too. A third one is small but stubborn and wouldn't take much with an ax to get rid of it. That leaves 2 stumps that would need to be really ripped free! All that work left us sweaty and COVERED in mud. We all grabbed showers and took my mom and went to McDonalds to actually eat this time since I wasn't cooking. Plus, I had to pick DH up at work and there is one close to where he works so it only made sense. :) We ate and played and then went to bed. My back was killing me so I slept with a heating pad.

Today, the back is fine, but the back of my legs are on FIRE. I haven't worked those muscles that much in a long time. Hopefully they will feel better tomorrow since we are supposed to go skating. the Easter Bunny is on his way to our house as we speak. C is getting roller skates and Lizzie is getting a baby bed. Plus candy, of course :)

I'm off to do some Yoga so I don't get completely stiff overnight :)

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