Sunday, March 16, 2008

More tags

Jenna tagged me a second time so you all get to hear another 5 "interesting" facts about me :)

1. I enjoy swimming

2. I enjoy roller skating. My dad, who does not swim, taught me and my brother to skate and my mom, who does not skate, taught us to swim.

3. I broke more bones from Sept of 2006-March of 2007 than I had broken in the previous 10+ years. In Sept 06, C pulled the hostess stand at Chevy's over on my foot shattering the bones in my big toe (it still hurts BTW). In March of 07, I tripped over a bookcase and landed on a chair and broke my rib. That one doesn't hurt anymore.

4. I broke my ankle when I was 18 months old and my mom dropped me down the stairs before falling down behind me. I broke the same ankle again when I was 9 and was playing tackle football with the neighbor boys. My foot landed under both of us in a twisted position. I rode my bike 3/4 of a mile home with my newly broken ankle because I figured my dad would be mad if I called for a ride (I was right because when I did get home, he told me to quit whinging about it or go to bed. I went to bed until my mom got home and found my ankle had swollen to the size of a grapefruit and took me to the ER).

5. I played soccer in junior high and high school. I also reffed, played on an all girl team and was an assistant coach for my brother's team. There were times when I had several hours of soccer in a day between my teams practices and the kids team practices. I was in the best freaking shape of my life even if I wasn't particularly good at the game. I was good at getting in the way and "taking one for the team" so I got to play defense :) Sadly, C shows no interest in my sport but Lizzie is showing a bit of promise. She just needs to get older :)

I'm not tagging anyone. Pretty much everyone has been tagged and retagged so if you want to do it and you haven't been tagged, then do it and say I tagged you. Otherwise, enjoy learning new things about your friends and don't worry about it. :)

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