Monday, March 24, 2008

2 year old fashions

Lizzie went through a thing awhile back where all she wanted to wear was pink and purple, which was hard because more of her clothes are hand-me-downs from C so very boyish. She finally got over that and started just wearing whatever. Then we bought her a clearance dress and she has decided that she wanted to wear it all the time. It was only one dress and I was able to put her off most of the time. Then my MIL came back from Mexico and brought her another dress so now she is really pushing. Then on Sunday, the Easter Bunny brought her a FANCY Easter dress that we are going to have pictures done in soon. So now she wants to wear a dress every single day! I'm seriously considering buying her about 6 little t-shirt style dresses and some tights and just letting her go to town.

On Saturday, she wanted to wear a dress and the only one clean was the light purple with the tank top sleeves. It was cold on Saturday so I told her that she could wear a t shirt under it. She wasn't having that and needed to wear her sweater that grandma got her from the covered bridge festival. It is knitted in light pink and dark purple and has puffy clouds and animals all over it. We couldn't find her tights so she decided to put on bright pink pants with white snowflakes on them. Over all that mess (as if it wasn't bad enough on it's own) she put her black "leather" motorcycle with the zippers and things on and topped it all off with a blue and orange jester hat.

I told her she was 2, she could pull it off and off we went to the store. My mom asked me how I would feel about that outfit if she wanted to wear it in 12 or 14 years, in a school picture. I told her that I would think that she was old enough to pick her own clothes, she would look unique and different and at least her skin would be covered and she wouldn't look tramp-y and whorish like most girls I see. The only problem I would have would be if she were trying to use the EXACT same clothes :)

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Misc said...

Wait until she's 4.

Flynn has always (and I mean always) had ideas about what she wants to wear. She's also always been a girly-girl and only this year decided that pants are ok as long as they are leggings that will look good under a skirt.

I ask her what colors she'd like to wear to school the night before (because I lay out the kids' clothes at night) and she'll tell me (it's usually some variation of purple and pink). And I have to get her stamp of approval for the next day's outfit. Hilarious.