Monday, March 3, 2008

What do you miss by being a parent?

They had a segment on the radio asking people to call in and talk about the things they miss because they are parents. People called in with food issues (never getting to eat your own, having to cut someone else's, etc), time issues, social life issues, etc. I got to thinking about and I thought about all day and finally came up with something that I miss from being a parent. I miss 150lbs. While not thin, that is what I weighed when I got pregnant with C. It was over all a much healthier weight and I felt better and looked better at it. How much of that is simply time (don't they say something like we gain 10lbs a year, typically) and my being a lazy ass and how much is from having kids. Gaining the weight while pregnant certainly didn't help things but I think the other factors play a part too.

Other than that questionable thing, I don't miss anything by being a parent. I'm really a 3 year old in a much older body so I'm pretty happy doing things with my kids. I went to freaking Chuck E Cheese for my birthday for crying out loud! LOL We never did anything that we couldn't do with the kids before having kids so I don't miss anything there. A year ago, I would have said I missed sleep (because Lizzie never slept but she is doing SOOO much better now) and friends but both of those are none issues now. Lizzie sleeps pretty well most of the time and I've made some friends that I really enjoy hanging out with

So what, if anything, do you miss?


Rayne of Terror said...

I miss 160 lbs. I was smokin hot when I got pregnant and was wearing in-style clothing w/ a 32 x 36 pant. Gah! When I got rid of those they looked like kids clothes.

I miss Decatur. I miss hanging out at the bars where people knew us on Friday nights. I miss having my husband "in the band."

VeganLinda said...

I don't miss anything really. What I miss has more to do with being older and not much to do with having kids. There are things which are nice...having a moment to myself or time with Rob alone, but I get that enough and have the kids so it works. :-)

Prairie Gourmet said...

I missed the quiet while they were growing up and miss the noise now that they're gone.