Friday, March 14, 2008

Good Day

We got our taxes back today. YAY! That means I was able to completely pay off my van and I sent the payment today so they should have it on Monday. Double, triple YAY! I also got a chunk of my student loan paid off. It would have been more but the IRS (per usual) screwed up and took a portion of the money to cover non-exsistant back child support. They do this every year and every year, about June, they figure out their mistake and send us the difference. When we get the "tax relief" rebate and that extra tax money back, I'll pay the rest of my student loan off which will be super YAY! In the mean time, I'm taking the money that was going to the van and putting half of it in a high interest savings account (I'm thinking either etrade or ING since they both have way higher interest than any local bank or credit union). The other half will go towards extra payments on my student loan until it is paid.

Plus, today is Pi day See Wil Wheaton of Star Trek and Stand By Me Fame for further explanation on today, the geekest of all holidays :)Only one person I wished "Happy Pi Day" to understood what I meant so I think I need smarter friends (and these were my smart friends :( )

Then tonight, we wanted to do something so I suggested hanging out at the library (side note, I'm way less irritated with them since I figured out work arounds for a lot of my major issues :) )for awhile. As we were leaving, there were tons of people dressed in Harry Potter gear. I forgot that tonight was "Wizard Rock" so we decided to stay and see Ginny and the Heartbreakers who were ok. They wanted people to dance, but over all they were too folky to do much but sway around a little bit. The other "group" was The Remus Lupins, which only ended up being one guy. He was better than the girls because, over all, his music was much more dance-able. However, we only stayed for a couple of songs because the kids were tired by then and it was way past bedtime.

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quigs78 said...

We celebrate Pi day! My sister sends me e-cards, and Neil and I buy a pie to eat. :)

(This is Kelly, btw...)