Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mom's email fix - bad singer at a wedding

Dear Reader,
We've asked my future sister in law to sing at our wedding. As it is turns out, she can't carry a tune in a bucket and I regret my choice. The wedding is a month away, what should I do?

My take? First of all, who the heck asks someone to sing at ANY function without first hearing them sing. You wouldn't hire a photographer without having seen their work? The same applies to a singer. Serves you right for not "trying before you buy".

Second, people put WAY TOO MUCH emphasis on weddings. They are big parties. They aren't the end all and be all of your life. It seems like as soon as people get engaged, they lose their damn minds and start planning these HUGE, expensive to dos and then end up getting all upset when things don't go EXACTLY as planned. And seriously, when does everything go exactly the way you plan it? Something will always happen and you can either get stressed and pissed about it or you can laugh and enjoy your party and move on with your life. At our wedding, the best man was late enough that he missed the ceremony, the flower girl refused to walk down the aisle at the last minute and the minister presented us as Mr and Mrs "my last name" We laughed and went on because it WASN'T THAT BIG OF A DEAL.

In this case, the woman needs to get over it. She asked someone to sing, she needs to let the woman sing. People might cringe and wonder why she asked her to sing, but people will remember the wedding. She should know better for next time and then go about getting on with her life, instead of dwelling on the fact that she brought this on herself.

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